Tattoo fanatics who had privates inked – including man who tatted his own penis

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While many people would at least consider getting a tattoo one day – the wincing thought of getting private parts inked is unimaginable for most.

But with humans, there are always extreme exceptions.

Below, we hear from unique individuals who have had their genitals inked, including a Brit who had her ex’s name on her vagina and a man who endured excruciating agony to tattoo his own penis.

Shout out to my ex

Becky Holt has over 95% over her body covered in ink and is known as Britain’s most tattooed woman.

But bizarrely, her first ever tattoo was across her vagina aged 15.

She clumsily got the name of her ex-boyfriend – despite them splitting up months later.

The Chesire woman, who earns a living on OnlyFans, recalled: “I had my ex-boyfriend's name across my vagina, it was my first tattoo.

“I know it was awful, I thought I was so clever at 15. We broke up six months after I had it done.

"My dad had to pay for me to get it covered and then I just carried on getting tattoos."

Tatt's gotta hurt

If you want something done right, do it yourself…

That was perhaps what tattoo artist Tay Ashby thought before deciding to tattoo his own penis.

The Melbourne dad has 80% of his body inked and he previously spoke to Daily Star after revealing what he looked like before the tatts.

But asked what his most painful session was, he said: “Well I got down south tattooed and that was easily one of my more painful.

“The worst part is I did myself.”

Despite his extreme appearance, Tay is comfortable in his own skin.

He added: “For me the best thing about being heavily tattooed is that people either love it or hate it.

“They love me or they hate me. I am who I am and these tattoos tell a story about me. And I love it.”

Seeing the light

Back in 2017 presenters Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford welcomed tattoo addict Paul Allen on the This Morning show.

Paul, then 58, got the couple’s autographs tattooed to his foot live on air.

But the Geordie shocked viewers when he admitted to having his private parts inked.

He said: “No tattooist would do it. I had to do it myself. It's a lighthouse. I'd say it's a five [out of 10] – I'm not a very good tattooist."

Eamonn joked: "Is it a big lighthouse? It goes up and down depending on the tide, I suppose."

The guest was joined by Just Tattoo Of Us stars Danny Robinson and Jodie Davies who confirmed they had seen the lighthouse design after Paul “whipped it out” one day.

Think before you ink

Like Britain’s most tattooed woman, Lani Good also got the name of her ex tattooed near her vagina.

And just like Becky Holt, Lani also regretted it.

She uploaded text messages between her and her ex that were allegedly sent after a year of dating.

Lani said: “This is how my ex-boyfriend spoke to me on Valentine's Day after I got his name tattooed on my privates."

She was left disgusted when he claimed he was only dating her for sex and breakfast, inspiring her to dump him.

Lani later covered up his name with a butterfly tattoo instead.

Pain game

Firefighter and tattoo-obsessive Andreas Stauffiger has spent a whopping £23,000 getting over 60 tattoos.

He got his first one aged 18 – but one of his most memorable sessions involved his todger, or glans, as Andreas articulated.

Andreas said: “The most absolutely painful tattoo I got was the glans. The second one was the palm…

“It’s not the body part that decides how painful the tattoo is.

“It’s more about your current condition – in terms of stress, sleep, hunger – that causes it. “

He added: “Pain is trainable, some people think my pain tolerance is very high, but that's not true.I learned to handle pain.”

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