Tampax SLAMMED for their latest television advert for tampons

Tampax is SLAMMED as ‘cringe-worthy’ after airing a TV advert for tampons using the phrase ‘get them up there girls’ between family-friendly shows

  • Tampax has been criticised on social media for their latest television advert
  • Campaign shown in the UK explains to women how to use a tampon correctly
  • Advert has been labelled ‘cringe-worthy’ after airing between family TV shows 

Tampax has received overwhelming backlash since their latest UK campaign debuted on television.

The feminine products brand, owned by American company Procter & Gamble, is sold in over 100 countries across the world. 

And their latest television advert, which has aired during family-friendly shows including Britain’s Got Talent, shows a chat show host explaining how to correctly insert a tampon. 

But since airing this month, many people vented their disgust on Irish radio show Liveline, while others have taken to social media blasting the advert as ‘cringe-worthy’.

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Tampax has divided opinion with their latest television advert (pictured), which shows a chat show host explaining how to correctly use a tampon 

The chat show host asks the audience if they’re usually able to feel their tampons, before saying ‘you’ve got to get them up there girls’

A YouTube recording of the advert Tampons & Tea, has racked up a stream of complaints.

The advert says: ‘Tell me, how many of you ever feel your tampon?,’ says the chat show host in the campaign.

‘You shouldn’t, it might mean your tampon isn’t in far enough. You’ve got to get them up there girls.

‘Example our special Tampax Pearl Compact Grip designed is your guide to comfort. Just pull it, lock it and put it in.

‘Not just the tip, up to the grip. So get them up there girls, with Tampax. Do it for comfort.’   

The chat show host reveals to a guest that being able to feel your tampon is a sign that it hasn’t been inserted correctly 

Promoting the brand’s Tampax Pearl Compact Grip product, the host says ‘not just the tip, up to the grip’

A stream of people took to Twitter to blasting Tampax as a ‘step too far’, when it comes to educating girls about using tampons.

One person wrote: ‘I understand women’s health is very important but the new Tampax ad is just a step too far. 

”Get them up there girls’, i’m sorry but if a bloke said that to a girl there would be mayhem. The ad is disgusting #Liveline no issue with advertising the product, it’s the way it’s done.’

Another said: ‘Well which idiot scheduled that highly inappropriate ‘get it up there girls’ Tampax advert in BGT tonight? When lots of young kids are still watching’

A third added: ‘The catch phrase they’ve invented for the new Tampax advert is cringe-worthy. If women were responsible for that awful advert we are in serious trouble. But it must have been, surely’ 

A stream of responses to the advert have labelled it inappropriate for showing during family-friendly television programmes

However, others have praised the advert, arguing that it’s necessary to speak candidly about how to use a tampon.

‘Absolutely love the Tampax tampons and tea advert. Talking frankly about the correct way to use a tampon helps so many people that may otherwise be too embarrassed to ask and helps destigmatise talking about periods which is still somehow a taboo despite affecting 50 per cent of the population,’ wrote one.

Another said: ‘Finally the first real advert for tampons! Well done Tampax! No blue liquid and some honest advice! Times they are a changing! Even UK has scrapped tampon tax finally!’

A third added: ‘This is the Tampax advert everyone who uses them needs’.

Backlash over the advert comes after a series of other feminine hygiene campaigns were slammed, including the This Girl Can promotion earlier this year, which showed a girl exercising with a visible tampon string. 

Others have argued that the advert is useful for teaching women how to correctly use tampons and have praised Tampax 

Aileen Nathan, Category Director Baby and Fem Care, P&G said: ‘At Tampax we believe in normalising the conversation around periods through awareness, information and education. Our light-hearted advert centres around a very common usage question and is designed to help those who use applicator tampons with how to properly use the product. 

‘Our recent research with women in the UK found that a large proportion – 79% of occasional tampon users – regularly or occasionally experienced discomfort when using a tampon. As a result, many felt that tampons just ‘weren’t for them’ but from talking further with these women we believe the problem lies with incorrect insertion. 

‘We’re on a mission to banish tampon discomfort for all and we believe that we have created an advert that communicates this in a no-nonsense, down to earth way. During its development, we tested it with women of all ages to understand reactions and to ensure it clearly communicated how to properly insert a tampon. 

‘Whilst we appreciate that the advert isn’t for everyone, and we totally respect these opinions, we have seen many positive responses from women who have had a ‘light bulb moment’ realising their discomfort was due to incorrect insertion. We would invite anyone with questions on usage to contact our consumer care advisors on 0080077634434 or 08000285884 (UK), 1800509203 (IRE)’ .

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