Sophie Wessex uses technique to liaise with children without bringing ‘unwanted attention’

Kate Middleton and Sophie Wessex: Expert discusses roles

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Sophie, Countess of Wessex, and Prince Edward got married in Windsor Castle more than 20 years ago. They are now both senior members of the Royal Family and will regularly attend engagements and events.

Sophie will also even attend events on behalf of the Monarch.

The couple has two children together, Lady Louise Windsor, 17, and James Viscount Severn, 13. 

They  live in their Bagshot Park mansion, set within Windsor Great Park. 

The family-of-four are rarely seen out together and the children’s lives are kept fairly private.

Speaking to, parenting expert Jasmine Peters, shared how Sophie keeps her children close when in public.

She said: “Sophie’s parenting style can be looked at in two different ways.

“One way is, her love language. It could be physical touch, so her touching her children can be a way to satisfy her love language while also showing affection to them.

“Second, due to the high demand for attention from Sophie by others, children can become very frustrated when they don’t have their parent’s attention.

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“A loving way to combat that is through physical touch.”

Sophie can regularly be seen providing physical touch towards her children when in public such as holding their hands when they were younger or giving them a gentle back touch.

Although showing affection in public is unusual for the royals, the likes of Sophie and Edward as well as Kate Middleton and Prince William have incorporated it more into their parenting.

The expert added: “When a parent wants to show their child that they are listening to them and in the present moment, acknowledging them with a gentle touch can prevent a meltdown and reassure them that you hear them.”

Although seeing royals walk around in public is rare, after Prince Philip’s death, Sophie and Lady Louise were spotted walking around Windsor. 

The expert added that holding the children close is a great way of liaising with them without directly speaking.

She said: “When out in public, hand gestures are a perfect way to communicate without bringing unwanted attention to oneself or the situation. 

“Whether it be redirecting behaviour, getting their attention, or a quick expression of love. Hand gestures are the silent go to.

“Keeping her kids close is also a mama bear gesture. 

“Anyone observing this may want to think twice before they decide to approach her children. It’s also to remind them to pay attention, be on good behaviour and to not go too far from her.”

The Countess was also seen holding her children close when attending Prince Philip’s funeral in Windsor.

Lady Louise was on one side of her mother while James was on the other as they watched Edward walk in the procession.

Jasmine added: “There is no such thing as perfect parenting, but in my book, Sophie is doing everything an attentive and loving mother would do when she has her children out in public with her.”

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