Sophie Turner Is A Long Way From Westeros In Quibi’s New ‘Survive’ Trailer

If you thought Sansa Stark had a difficult time in Westeros, that’s nothing compared to what Sophie Turner’s character, Jane, faces in Quibi’s new Survive trailer. The footage for the new series finds the former Game of Thrones star stranded in the middle of nowhere and battling something much more powerful than fire-breathing dragons or ruthless Night Kings. In this story she’ll be going up against the one and only Mother Nature, not to mention her own mental health.

Based on the novel by Alex Morel, Survive is set to hit the streaming platform on Monday, April 6, and will center around Turner’s character Jane and Paul, played by Corey Hawkins. After a devastating plane crash leaves them as the only two remaining survivors at the top of a snow-covered mountain, Jane finds herself in the fight of her life against the cold and brutal wilderness and must learn to trust and depend on someone else for a change if she has any hope of making it out of this situation alive.

"No one’s coming to get us," Paul is shown saying in the trailer. And while Jane may say that she’s fine with that and be ready to give up, Paul refuses to accept defeat so quickly. "No, we’re here together," he says. "I need to know you’re not going to tap out on me."

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