Sophie, Countess of Wessex sets ‘new standards’ for ‘younger royals’ by ‘mirroring’ Queen

Sophie Wessex ‘very sensible’ with royal charity work says expert

Sophie, Countess of Wessex and Prince Edward tied the knot in Windsor Castle after meeting at a charity event in 1993. The Countess is now a senior working member of the family and has many interests in charities and organisations.

Having been in the firm for over 20 years, Sophie is well used to the spotlight.

Although she keeps her life quite private, her role within the family means she has many duties. 

She regularly attends royal engagements for her own interests as well as on behalf of the Queen.

Being the daughter-in-law to the monarch, one expert has said that Sophie’s body language is very similar to that of the Queens.

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Body language expert Judi James told how the Countess has “calm” and “down-to-earth” body signals.

She said: “With her calm, unflappable and rather down-to-earth body language signals, Sophie appears to have hit what sales and marketing folk call the ‘sweet spot’ in terms of producing the right type of royalty during both the pandemic and the recent crisis in the Firm.

“Her non-verbal signals are self-effacing enough to suggest this new role of star in the line-up has been unexpected but not unwelcome by Sophie.”

The expert added that Sophie is “mirroring” the Queen with her body language signals.

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Judi explained: “Her more stoic approach is rather old-fashioned, mirroring the Queen rather than setting new standards like some of the younger royals, but it is a perfect fit for a country that is in need of some quiet stability and good sense.

“Sophie has always projected a form of quiet confidence but placed under the media and public glare again she seems to have adapted quickly in terms of taking that confidence up to a much higher level. 

“Her direct eye-connect signals with the cameras make her look both unwary and unafraid of the public. 

“She also looks healthily keen to be popular on her own terms rather than as either a celebrity royal or a fashion plate.”

In her years as a royal, she has given many speeches, turning her attention to virtual videos during the pandemic.

Judi said that her approach to public speaking shows that her confidence has grown.

“It’s Sophie’s lack of change that suggests a huge amount of inner strength but on top of that her skills as a public and video speaker and her unfazed approach to all the camera attention suggest some new levels of growing confidence that she seems to have taken in her stride,” the expert explained.

The expert shared how Sophie can influence other members in the Royal Family when she is present.

The last time Sophie and Edward were with other members of the Royal Family were together was when Kate and William as well as Camilla and Charles joined the Queen in the quadrangle of Windsor Castle to thank volunteers and key workers for their hard work.

Judi added: “Sophie’s brand of charisma singles her out to be the supplier of what is called ‘Contagious confidence’ in the Firm, meaning that, like the Queen, it is her own brand of calm confidence that will influence some of the less secure members of the Firm to feel more confidence themselves when she is present.”

“Hence the way that she was chosen to act as the emotional buffer between the warring Sussex’s and Cambridges on their last appearance together.” 

The expert has also compared Sophie’s body language to Princess Diana’s.

On a visit to the Disability Initiative’s Resource Centre last year, the Countess can be seen laughing and joking with the camera.

Judi said: “It’s interesting that this tie-sign behaviour, where she seems to be sharing a joke with the cameras, is one of the traits that made Diana so popular.”

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