Six ways to stay warm while working from home without raising your bills

These days, it’s more shocking to hear that somebody works from the office than from home. 

For the most part, us remote workers will look upon our office-dwelling counterparts with sympathy, maybe even pity. 

But, with winter rolling in, office workers might actually have the upper hand, particularly when it comes to saving on energy costs.

While many of us will be sitting at our desks, wrapped up in a jumper, a blanket and two pairs of socks, office workers will be sitting comfortably in the knowledge they aren’t paying a penny of their workplace’s central heating bill.

If you’re worried about the price of heating your home during working hours this year, hold tight – we have some advice.

There are a number of products you can buy as well as free changes you can make to your home office to keep the heat in.

Richard O’Connor, an interiors expert at First Mats shared with six tips for keeping warm while working from home. 

Close your doors and windows 

First things first, you want to do everything you can to get yourself warm without spending excess money.

This means keeping the doors and windows closed to retain heat.

‘If your home office is a box room, it’s tempting to make it feel less claustrophobic by keeping the door open,’ says Richard. 

‘However, by closing doors and windows, you can keep the heat in the room and stay warmer for longer.’. 

Warm up your feet

Another free solution is making sure your feet are nice and toasty. 

‘Having cold feet tends to bring down our body temperature,’ says Richard. 

‘Wearing some good, warm slippers or slipper socks can significantly help to keep you warm during office hours.’

Preheat your office

Now, you’re probably going to have to reconcile with turning your heating on at some point.

To save the most money, Richard suggests doing so when it costs the least.

‘Running your heating is cheapest between 11pm and 7am,’ he says. 

‘So get into the habit of setting your timer to heat your office for an hour or two before you start work, and make sure to switch it off before 7am.’

Ask your employer for money

If you’re working at home but employed by a company, you may be eligible to claim expenses from your employer.

While they aren’t obligatory, says Richard, ‘it’s a good idea to ask your boss about home working expenses.’

If you are eligible, you may get up to £312 a year towards things like heating and broadband bills. 

Try a heated gilet

If all else fails, you might need to buy a heated gilet to wear at your desk.

‘These clever items are really effective for helping to keep you warm and cost less than five pence a day to run,’ says Richard. 

Get moving

You can also encourage your body to stay warm by moving it around. 

Whenever you can, Richard recommends walking around the room, using your stairs and generally keeping your body moving.

If you have to be at your desk, he advises getting an under mini, under-desk exercise bike.

‘As well as keeping you warm, can help you to stay fit, which is particularly useful for those who spend a lot of time sitting at their desk,’ he says.

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