‘She is a born leader’ says astrologer – what Lilibet Diana’s star sign may reveal

Eva Gizowska is a writer and talented astrologist who often does horoscope readings, revealing to her customers more about themselves and even predicting their futures, while Laura Wilson-Brown is a psychic at the Intuitive Alchemy. Both women looked at Lilibet Diana’s horoscope to share with Express.co.uk readers what it can reveal about the baby girl’s personality traits and future.

Eva explained that Lilibet “has her sun in Gemini in the 10th house”.

She said: “This suggests that she will be talkative, charismatic, quick-witted, restless, charming, curious and a good communicator.

“Gemini is an air sign which makes them highly cerebral.

“They are clever, love learning, enjoy interesting conversations and have an innate curiosity about life.

“You can quickly spot the typical Gemini child as they’re the ones who are always asking ‘why?’

“If there’s one sign of the zodiac that excels in social situations, it’s Gemini.”

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Because Lilibet’s sun is in the 10th house, as well as Mercury, Meghan and Harry’s daughter “looks set for a career in the public eye”, according to Eva.

Mercury is the “planet of communication” therefore this explains why Lilibet is a “born communicator”.

Eva said: “Her route to success is likely to be through communication and connection with others, such as public speaking, writing, politics, teaching, technology, and travel.

“Lilibet will have a strong calling to share ideas, opinions and information with a wide audience.”

Lilibet’s sun is in Gemini, but her Moon is in Aries.

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Aries is a “fiery” sign, according to Eva.

The astrologist said: “There’ll be no holding her back when she wants something.

“This placement indicates that Lilibet will be decisive, independent, strong-willed, self-assertive and driven by her emotions.

“With an Aries moon she won’t be easily thwarted when things go wrong. She’ll just pick herself up and try again.”

Eva went on to explain that Lilibet has her ascendant, which is her rising sign, in Leo – another “fiery” star sign.

“The ascendant represents the way others see you,” Eva said.

“So, she’ll come across as proud, regal and confident with natural star quality.

“She’s a born leader.

“She’ll make every effort to look amazing – and, she’ll enjoy the attention.

“Those with a Leo ascendant usually have a thick head of hair, strong, striking features and exude a warm, powerful presence.

“They like to be noticed and admired.”

Eva said these traits are similar to Lilibet’s mother, Meghan, as the Duchess of Sussex’s sun sign is a Leo.

The astrologist explained: “With Meghan’s Sun and Lilibet’s ascendant in fiery, flamboyant Leo, both mother and daughter have strong commanding personalities.

“Lilibet also has a head-strong and impulsive moon in Aries, and Meghan has combative, feisty Aries on the midheaven.

“So, it’s inevitable there will be power struggles and clashes along the way.

“But, there will also be lots of fun, affection and shared interests.”

Harry, on the other hand, is a Virgo, which suggests he is “very protective, loving and caring towards his baby daughter”.

“Both his and Lilibet’s sun signs are ruled by Mercury,” Eva said.

“So, they’ll have a natural rapport and enjoy lively chats and discussions as Lilibet gets older.”

Laura also commented on Harry and Lilibet’s relationship, saying: “They will have a very communicative relationship and often have their heads together as they contemplate a wide range of topics.

“Each sign is equally concerned with the greater good, and they will likely launch something altruistic together even when Lili is still relatively young.

“Given her cosmic star power, I expect to see her in front of projects by eleven.”

Laura predicted future changes to the Royal Family and Lilibet’s part in them.

She said: “Lilibet’s long-term astrology shows that while she may not have the closest relationship with her royal family, she will undoubtedly be part of a significant transformation that is likely to occur in the years between 2029 and 2031.

“The astrology between Lilibet, Archie, their cousin, Charlotte and her mother, Catherine, mirror one another during this period which is likely to create a shake-up around royal order and protocol.

“What this will exactly entail is anyone’s guess at this point, but it’s clear that Lilibet can influence royal life even from well across the pond,” Laura added.

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