Savvy woman turns drab bathroom into stunning space using £2 bargains

From bleak to chic! Thrifty mother turns drab bathroom into stunning space using £2 charity shop bargains and £4 B&M shelves

  • Eszter Platthy, 44 from Stockport, hated the magnolia walls in her bathroom 
  • Mother-of-two revamped the room using £16 Homebase paint and vinyl tiles 
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A thrifty mother has revealed how she turned her drab bathroom into a stunning space using charity shop finds and bargains from B&M.

Eszter Platthy, 44 from Stockport, moved into her new home with her family last November and says she wanted to put her ‘own stamp’ on the decor.

Speaking to Latest Deals, the mother-of-two said she particularly disliked the magnolia colour on many of the walls around the property. 

As such, Eszter – who works as a cleaner – decided to create a dark blue statement wall in her bathroom with paint she knew she could make use of elsewhere.

Discussing how she wanted to stick to a strict budget, Eszter said: ‘We couldn’t afford to spend a fortune, especially on a little toilet room. 

What Eszter’s bathroom looked like when the family first moved in last November. The mother says she particularly hated the grey flooring and magnolia walls

What Eszter’s bathroom looked like after the transformation. The mother created a statement wall using Homebase paint and revamped the floor with some £20 tiles she bought online

‘I knew that if I was going to buy paint, for example, it would be wise to get a shade I could use in other rooms of the house to avoid wasting any leftover paint.’

After looking at Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration, Eszter settled on Stormy Sky by Homebase – which costs £16 for a 2.5litre tub.

She added: ‘Already the room looked much better after painting just the single wall and leaving the others the original magnolia colour.’ 

What’s more, the easy transformation only took 30 minutes to complete – meaning she could then focus her energy on the floor.

Along with the magnolia walls, Eszter says she also hated the dark grey, industrial-style flooring.

In keeping with her new colour scheme, the mother ordered some stick-on tiles – which had blue, grey and mustard tones – for £20 online.

Explaining how she was ‘spoilt for choice’, Eszter added: ‘Generally speaking the pricing is between £3 and £5 for a pack. 

‘I recommend seeing how many you get per pack as you can get better value by buying the biggest multipack. 

Eszter Platthy, 44 from Stockport, who works as a cleaner, says the transformation only took her a couple of evenings to complete 

Left: Eszter created a statement wall using £16 Homebase paint. Right: She placed a £2 ‘toilet rules’ charity shop find on the windowsill along with some fake plants from B&M

‘Plus, it’s wise to measure up your flooring beforehand so you get the right amount of tiles.’ 

Eszter says she spent two evenings working on her new vinyl floor, which was about six hours overall.

Once she was happy with the walls and flooring, the mother concentrated on accessorising the room.

She added: ‘I found some lovely little shelves in B&M – they were on sale, £4 for the 2! 

‘I also found some artificial and real plants while I was there, they cost £10 altogether. Finally I found a “toilet rules” plaque in a charity shop for £2.’

Although her husband helped to seal the vinyl with silcone and put the shelves up, Eszter did the entire room trandformation herself.

She added: ‘I’m very pleased with the results and excited to decorate the rest of my house.’

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