Sarah Jessica Parker’s Go-To Body Moisturizer Is Just $6

Winter skin solutions get a lot of air time, but there’s probably just as much to say about summer skin. Exposure to the sun and dry air can leave your body thirsty for moisture, but simultaneously reeling at the idea of loading up with weighty lotions.

Luckily, Sarah Jessica Parker (and hundreds of reviewers) think they have just the thing. The Sex and the City star has called Neutrogena Sheer Body Oil-Lotion with Light Sesame Formula her “family moisturizer,” and Walmart shoppers would agree — the hydrating product has over 300 near-perfect reviews.

The lotion makes use of sesame oil for creating a cosmetically elegant formula that rejuvenates the skin, and leaves a satiny, weightless finish that dries down quickly. Neutrogena, which touts this product as being “whisper light,” recommends using the moisturizer on wet skin directly after bathing, and throughout the day for continued benefits.

“This has been my go-to body lotion for more than 10 years,” writes one reviewer. “I like a body lotion that is lightweight, absorbs quickly…and doesn't smell! I work with people who are sensitive to smell and our office is small, so the last thing I want to do is make them nauseous. This body lotion is PERFECT — keeps my skin moist, but not greasy. Absorbs super fast. Can't recommend it highly enough.”

What’s even more impressive about this body moisturizer than its celebrity endorsement is its incredibly low price. For just $6, you can buy a massive, 8.5-ounce pump-top bottle, or save a dollar by springing for the two-pack.

Shop the ultra-light body moisturizer that SJP and hundreds of shoppers love for just $6 at

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