Ryanair passenger slams airline’s apology ‘after homophobic abuse from men’

A Ryanair passenger who claims she was subjected to a homophobic attack on a flight has blasted the airline for its response to her complaint.

Laura Muldoon tweeted a photograph of a group of men on her packed plane that she claimed called her a "d**e" and "lesbo".

She said the lads made up a football-style chant where they called her a "miserable b" and "d**e" on the trip from London Stansted to Seville, Spain, at 12.27pm last Wednesday.

Speaking out about what happened, Laura posted the reply she says she received from Ryanair on Twitter .

She says a customer service assistant told her: "We pride ourselves on the high standards of service and professionalism provided by all of our staff and maintain these standards which ensure our staff are constantly reminded of their most important function: to be friendly and professional at all times.

"I do sincerely regret that this was not reflected to you on this occasion." 

But Laura has blasted the "generic" response and said the company doesn’t "care about women, LGBTQ+ people or in fact anyone and my worry is businesses like this set the agenda for our whole country."

On Twitter, the company was also criticised over its response.

Karen said: "You @Ryanair should be ashamed at the computer generated response you sent to Laura.

"Didn’t even address her by her name or refer to her specific complaints. Zero points for customer service but I’m not surprised."

Anne Laybourne‏ added: "I simply can’t believe that response from @Ryanair Totally shocked."

Amid the alleged incident, Laura claims the group of men tried to send over a bottle of wine as an apology but she refused.

She described the group as "annoying but bearable" before they became louder once the seatbelt sign went off.

She said: "The noise kept rising and eventually I asked a flight attendant to tell them to be quiet and that they were swearing a lot.

"I think at this point, the men realised it was me that made the complaint and started referring to me using my seat number while shhh-ing very loudly as a collective.

"I’m all up for a bit of 'fun and games' but it hit new lows when they were blowing up condoms on their heads and getting a**** out.

"I turned around and told them that they were mugging off the whole plane and to stop."

At this point, she said a flight attendant came over with a bottle of white wine which she declined.

And when one of the men came over, she blasted him over his alleged unacceptable behaviour.

Laura said: "One of them came over to our seat and I told him that I hoped his mum, sister or kids never had to sit near a group like them on a flight and he asked if it was really that bad.

"I confirmed it was in fact pretty awful and asked him to leave us alone as he was in our space and smelt (of booze)."

Laura claims the situation escalated further after they began singing a crude football ditty about her.

She said: "I had my headphones on but my girlfriend tapped me and asked if I knew they were calling me a d**e.

"Imagine 'the referee’s a w*' song but replace the words with 'C28 never stops moaning, she’s a miserable b * , we sent her a white wine but she rejected it."

She said: "Lots of people complained to the stewards and they were sitting just behind the lads but they said they had told them seven times and I guess they were at their wits end.

"I went to leave the plane and told the steward they were calling me a l* and de and I was going to complain.

"He just apologised and then I left."

Mirror Online has contacted Ryanair for comment.

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