Royal fans go wild over Elizabeth Arden's cheeky post

‘No such thing as bad publicity?!’ Royal fans go wild over beauty brand Elizabeth Arden’s cheeky post after Prince Harry revealed using their cream on his ‘frostbitten todger’ in bombshell book

  • Prince Harry recounts applying one of the brand’s products in his new memoir
  • Twitter users poked fun at the brand in the wake of the book’s release
  • The US beauty brand highlighted the benefits of their Hyaluronic Acid in winter 
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Royal fans have gone wild over Elizabeth Arden’s latest social media post after Prince Harry revealed he used one of their creams on his ‘frostbitten todger’.

In his bombshell memoir Spare, which was published on Tuesday, the Duke of Sussex, 38, recounts how his groin was severely impacted by the cold during a charity trip to the North Pole in 2011.

After trying some home remedies, the father-of-two explained how a friend recommended a product by the US beauty brand. 

Although the Duke didn’t name the product, he went on to describe how Princess Diana had used it on her lips – prompting readers to speculated that it was Elizabeth Arden’s cult classic Eight Hour cream.

Prince Harry pictured in the North Pole on a 2013 exhibition. The Prince recounted in his new memoir how he had suffered from a ‘frostbitten todger’ during his trip in 2011

Quoting what he told his friend, Harry wrote: ‘My mum used that on her lips. You want me to put that on my todger?’

After his pal’s reassurance that the cream worked, Harry procured himself a tube, saying the smell of it brought him back to his childhood, when his mother was still alive.

‘I felt as if my mother was right there in the room. Then I took a smidge and applied it…down there,’ he recalled.

Ahead of the book’s release on Tuesday, the US beauty brand tweeted about their Hyaluronic Acid and highlighted its benefits in the winter.

Twitter users poked fun at the brand in response to their post about the benefits of one of their products in the cold winter months

Using a snowflake emoji, they wrote: ‘You’ve heard all the buzz about plumping Hyaluronic Acid, but did you know it’s extremely helpful during the colder months?

‘The trick is to apply it to damp skin – HA pulls the moisture from the environment into the skin.’ 

In the wake of Prince Harry’s biography, Twitter users poked fun at the post’s emphasis on protecting skin in the cold weather. 

One joked: ‘Can you confirm if this will help with a freezing todger?? Prince Harry says it does??’

The Duke of Sussex recounts how the late Princess Diana would sometime apply the cream to her lips. Pictured in 1995

Some readers suggested the cream Prince Harry references in the book is the 8h cream from the brand, which comes in a tube, like he describes in the book 


‘Please let Harry be the Elizabeth Arden face of 2023,’ a third wrote.

Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: ‘Explore Antarctica and the Arctic with no concerns about your todger!’

Earlier this week, horrified fans said Prince Harry’s ‘frostbitten todger’ anecdote – which featured references to Princess Diana – was a ‘Freudian nightmare’.

In his audiobook, Prince Harry makes a point to pause between saying he felt his mother was in the room with him before he applied the cream ‘down there’.

The words ‘my penis, mother and lips’ should NEVER be used together ANYWHERE,’ one outraged user said.

‘If you think you’re having a bad day, spare a thought for the social media manager at Elizabeth Arden who has just gone from working at a global beauty product company to a premium nob cream company in the past few hours or so,’ another said.

‘I need therapy after listening to this,’ said a third. 

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