Retail worker mortified after customer says tattoo looks like someone bent over

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A retail worker has explained how mortified she felt when she realised that her new tattoo of two faces intertwined actually looked more like someone bending over.

Lucy Madden, 22, from Liverpool, spent months choosing the single line design which was meant to portray two faces sharing one mind.

The young woman was originally thrilled with her £50 inking until a customer at work pointed out that it looked a little more x-rated than previously thought.

After asking her family and friends, Lucy was left blushing as people agreed it looked like a person bent over.

Now, the tattoo fan is saving up to have the tattoo covered up with an image of Medusa – which will cost £150 on top of what she’s already paid.

Until she can get the cover-up ink she’s refusing to wear short sleeves that show it.

Lucy said: "I was at work about a week after I got the tattoo and a customer asked what the tattoo was supposed to be.

"It's supposed to be two faces shading one mind but he said it looked really rude, like someone bent over.

"I asked a colleague and they also said it looked like a person bent over. I was mortified. I couldn't do anything about it.

"Now everyone is saying it because that's what it looks like. I would have noticed it eventually even if it hadn't been pointed out to me.”

The embarrassed young woman added: “I'm too embarrassed to get it out, it's mortifying.

"I did find it funny but I was so embarrassed. My friends and family find it hilarious."

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Lucy has been getting tattoos since she was 19 with the latest being her 14th inking.

The tattoo took just 20 minutes to complete and Lucy said she gave the artist numerous resources to design the piece, but that it came out very differently from what she expected.

Lucy said: "I was so excited about it.

"I'd really thought about it. I'm quite indecisive and picky about my tattoos.

"I sent the tattoo artist a few references but it doesn't really look anything like them. I'm quite art focused so I wanted something arty.

"It's the one time I went to a different tattoo artist. I was happy with it at first and it's on the back of my arm so I didn't see it often. I'd have to twist my arm to look at it.”

She continued: “A lot of people have started noticing it.

"People have said it looks like different things, one of my friends said it looks like the contraceptive coil.

"I've been trying to find something to keep it covered up."

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