Real Housewives psychic Debbie Davies opens up on incredible 1.5 stone weight loss

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Real Housewives of Cheshire star Deborah 'Debbie' Davies has opened up on her incredible 1.5 stone weight loss and revealed how she felt the "pressure" to look a certain way for TV.

The psychic medium, 54, who has garnered 47,300 Instagram followers through her incredible skill, has revealed to OK! how she has lost 20 pounds in just two months and is on a mission to lose a further three stone to get back to her pre-pandemic shape.

Deborah, who is mum to James, 29, Matthew, 26, and Tiffany, 24 and lives in Cheshire, has revealed how she drastically reduced the amount of meat her diet in favour of a pescatarian lifestyle and described how CBD and turmeric have left her skin glowing.

Speaking exclusively to OK!, the glamorous ITVBe star said: "In March 2020 we had an AGA delivered so all the way through lockdown I was making the most amazing meals and eating them all. Then suddenly the show came along and I had been living in leggings for a year and eating loads of gorgeous food!

"My husband Pete is 6"4. He is a big guy and can eat a lot of food and I was matching him."

Deborah revealed how her lockdown meals consisted of "old-fashioned" and "hearty" dishes that included roast dinners with all the trimmings, slow-cooked chilli con carne and her grandmother's recipe for a traditional sticky toffee pudding.

Meanwhile the housewife has switched to a "more modern way" of eating and incorporates huge salads, pine nuts, avocado and beansprouts into her cooking with her husband Pete also losing a stone through the lighter meal options.

She continued: "I thought, 'no, I need to get myself back on track.'

"I have just been more active as well so I haven’t really had to work really hard at losing the weight it just kind of came off but I am going to keep it up because I want to get my old self back."

Asked if she felt a "pressure" to look a certain way when starring on a TV series, Deborah said: "I did feel that pressure but I also am really happy in my own skin.

"Although I think, 'I need to lose weight,' I am also happy in my own skin that I can go out there and film the show.

"I am sure some people would have turned it down until they lost the weight but that is not me. I think that it is good for everybody to just embrace yourself and love the skin that you are in because you only have one body."

Deborah, who is also working on the Lucas Dobson Water Safety Campaign to raise awareness of the dangers around open water, also revealed that her hormones have played a huge part in her weight change and admitted she had "no clue" about the menopause.

She said: "I used to run five miles a day and was really slim and then the menopause hit. I had no clue about the perimenopause [when the body naturally transitions to menopause] or the menopause. Nobody ever talks about it.

"It is such a big, big, big thing to go through. I would never have put this much weight on ordinarily eating whatever I ate in the pandemic. I know that a part of it is definitely hormones and the menopause."

Deborah revealed how she is unable to take HRT due to her half-sister having breast cancer but swears by a turmeric and CBD oil to boost her energy levels along with turmeric, coconut water and ginger shots to make her skin glow.

The stunning mum-of-three, who has never had botox or fillers, added: "I don’t think I have bad skin anyway but I can see it has been glowing with these two supplements along with kale cucumber and spinach smoothies."

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