Pup shoots to fame thanks to her mustache

It’s Puppy Poirot! Miniature bull terrier becomes a viral sensation thanks to her very distinctive black moustache

  • Miniature bull terrier Frida, six months, from Reykjavik, Iceland, is a viral star
  • She is beloved for her adorable ‘mustache,’ due to black hair above her lip
  • Frida is now an Instagram start with 14,300 followers and counting  

A puppy has become a viral sensation thanks to her adorable ‘moustache’ that would make Hercule Poirot green with envy. 

Six-month-old miniature bull terrier Frida lives with owners Helena Ólöf Snorradóttir, 22, and her partner Snorri Valgarðsson, 21 in Reykjavík, Iceland.

The couple found Frida through a breeder and were instantly drawn to her unique look – the pup has an accidental tash, the result of her black colouring right above her lip.

Her quirky feature, resembling Agatha Christie’s famous character, is even more visible when she ‘smiles’ – and she is clearly melting hearts on the internet with 14,300 followers on Instagram so far.

Frida, a six-months-old Miniature Bull Terrier from Reykjavík, Iceland, has become an Internet sensation thanks to her mustache (pictured with her cuddle toys)

When she was a puppy (pictured) Frida’s mustache was even more visible underneath her pink nose

‘The first time we saw her, it was the first thing we noticed, she was a ball of chunk with ears like a rabbit and a very classy moustache,’ Helena, who works as a teacher, said.

‘It was one of the reasons I started her Instagram page.

‘Her little face made us so very happy every day and I thought it would be a shame not to share it with the rest of the world.’

Helena had wanted a bull terrier from a young age and was over the moon when she found Frida – and says it was a ‘sign from the universe’ when she got the call from a breeder.

The friendly pup counts 14,300 fans on Instagram and counting since her owners created an account for her (pictured in the shower)

Helena Ólöf Snorradóttir, 22, and her partner Snorri Valgarðsson, fell in love with Frida when they first saw her (pictured in the car, in a very stylish sweater)

She said: ‘A week after discovering there was a breeder in Iceland, we got a message that she had a female pup she was ready to introduce us to.

‘On the morning of Sunday 22 November in 2020, I received the news that my grandma had just passed away so I rushed up to say my goodbyes to the family.

‘In the midst of this, I got a message from the breeder I could come up and see Frida and I did.

‘My family and I are really superstitious, so it kind of felt like a sign from the universe.

Helena said it felt like a ‘sign from the universe when the breeder said she could come and see Frida (pictured now)

The friendly pup’s unique mustache has made her very popular online. Frida pictured after a snow fall

‘It was sort of like my grandma was handing me a goodbye present, making my lifelong dream come true.

‘Her life for a new one so as soon as I laid my eyes on Frida, I knew she was supposed to be mine.’

Frida’s Instagram snaps get thousands of likes and comments from her fans and are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

The pup is a natural in front of the camera and can often be found beaming brightly with her thick black ‘moustache’ on full display.

Owners Helena, left and Snorri, right, are completely head over heels with their girl Friday since they adopted her 

Helena said she had no idea Frida would be such a hit on Instagram, where she shares pictures of her pup

One of her most recent photos shows the pup relaxing in bed as she grins at the camera, clearly pleased with getting back scratches from her owner.

Helena and Snorri also recently shared a throwback pic to when Frida was a little pup – and her moustache was even more noticeable back then.

Another hilarious snap shows Frida enjoying a pint at her local pub and looking very smart in a trendy raincoat.

Helena has been overwhelmed by the response from fans and had no idea her dog would be such a big hit.

Helena loves to share funny pictures of Frida on Instagram, whether it is playtime, left, or enjoying a beer at her local pub, right

At first, only family and friends followed Frida’s Instagram account, but she soon got more fans (pictured now)

She said: ‘In the beginning, it was just some family and friends who followed her page and then it spread a bit around Iceland since we don’t have many of her breed here.

‘People were curious and then one of her Instagram photos got reposted three times until it had completely blown up around the internet and her following started to grow and grow.

‘We started to get messages from people all around the world who were telling us how Frida makes them smile or how she makes their days brighter and that makes it all so worth it.

Helena said fans are sendinf she and Snorri messages about how much Frida, pictured, makes them smile

Yum! Frida licking her lips next to a box filled with creamy Danishes. Helena said she was overwhelmed by the positive response her pup received online

Frida wearing a raincoat at the pub, next to a chilled pint. Helena admitted she had received criticism about Frida’s appearance 

The pup enjoying some back rubs at home before bedtime. Helena said Frida was ‘perfect the way she is’

‘Never in my little life did I ever expect her to grow so big.’

But Helena says not everyone is a fan of Frida’s unique look and she has been on the receiving ends of some critical comments.

However, that won’t stop them from sharing uplifting snaps of the happy-go-lucky pup.

She added: ‘We get some hate here and there from people who comment about her inset paws or the way she looks, but to us she is perfect the way she is.

‘We will continue to try our best to keep putting a smile on people’s faces and share our treasure with the world to put a bit more positivity into the world in these horrid times.’

Friday keeping Snorri company before bedtime. Helena said she was happy to share her ‘treasure’ online 

The owner said she hoped she’d keep spreading positiviy and joy thanks to Frida, pictured, on Instagram

Frida has become a part of Snorri and Helena since spending her fist Christmas, right, with them, and she will even keep them company when they’re working from home, left

Paw! Pictured: Friday during her house training. Frida has adapted to live with Helena and Snorri and is a happy pup

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