Primark worker says customers handed her their dirty knickers in changing rooms

A former Primark worker has dished the dirt on the most disgusting things shoppers would do – including leaving their dirty underwear behind.

In an eye-opening clip, TikTok user @kdr1995 recalls nightmare shoplifters who used some truly vile tactics to nick clothes.

Looking annoyed, she writes in the on-screen caption: "When people handed in their own clothes to the fitting room and left wearing new ones from Primark when I worked there."

"Bonus points when it was their underwear," she added in the caption.

The video was watched more than 67,000 times and both shoplifters and other Primark workers had their say in the comments.

One unlucky employee wrote: "Someone pooped in a bag on my shift and left it there."

Someone else revealed: "Me when I worked in Primark and a toddler p***ed on the floor three minutes before the end of my shift."

Another person, appearing to confess to nicking clothes from the store, said: "15-year-old me thought I was slick wearing old black jeans in and new black jeans out."

This comes after another Primark worker opened up about vicious treatment from angry shoppers when she was only 17 years old.

Recalling the nightmare customer, she says: "She started screaming at me saying I couldn't do my job and it was all my fault.

"And then she started telling me how I didn't deserve my job at Primark."

She added: "I couldn't get a word in, and I started crying because I was 17 and I was emotional… she was shouting at me and telling me how worthless I was."

And after a size 10 woman blasted Primark for "incorrect sizing" when she bought size 14 shorts that didn't fit.

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