Poundland is now selling 'chicken wing', 'sausage roll' and 'chicken nugget' treats for dogs

SHARE your favourite takeaway snacks with your dog thanks to Poundland.

The discount store has launched some tasty treats for your furry friends including "chicken nuggets", "chicken wings" and "sausage rolls".

Each bag of treats costs just £1 so it's an easy and affordable snack for your pooch to feast on.

Obviously you'll have to order your own takeaway separately.

The treats are even made with real meat and contain a high source of calcium – so your pooch can get all the essential nutrients.

Available at all Poundland stores nationwide – find your nearest branch using the store finder.

Currently the new dog treats are not available to purchase online.

But it's not the first time a store has gotten creative with its pet treats – earlier this year, Pets at Home sold their Easter eggs for dogs, cats and rabbits.

Elsewhere, healthy dog treats are more costly – Edgard Cooper's Good boy beef bites are priced at three times the amount.

Oakdene Designs is selling a pack of retro dog biscuits containing all the classics like Bourbons, Jammie Dodgers, Custard Creams etc.

But priced at £9.60, they're far more costly than the standard dog treat and almost 10 times more than Poundland's snacks.

Saturday night takeaway just got a whole new meaning.

Treats for dogs or treats shaped like dogs? Poundland is selling it all.

Not only selling treats for your pooch, Poundland has the three new flavours of Dairy Milk bars and is the first store to sell them.

Never lose your keys or smartphone again, thanks to Poundland – the retailer is selling them across stores.

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