Pizza for breakfast is better for you than cereal, claims dietitian

A slice of pizza might a be healthier than a bowl of sugary cereal.

New-York based dietitian Chelsey Amer has delighted the nation by claiming a slice of the good stuff could be better for you than cereal.

The expert told ABC News: "Pizza can be a more balanced breakfast option than many sugar-filled breakfast cereals.

"A slice of plain cheese pizza contains a balance of carbs, protein, and fat.

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"A bowl of sugary cereal with low fat milk is largely sugar and extremely carb-heavy."

She's not suggesting you inhale a cheesy pepperoni leftover each morning, unfortunately, but she does make some good points.

Chelsey wants people to focus on starting the day by balancing high-fibre carbohydrates and lean protein.

She added: "Focus on a balance of high fibre carbohydrates, lean protein, and healthy fats to stay full throughout the morning."

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Then you compare pizza and a bowl of sugary cereal, the former is a more balanced meal.

ABC News also got the advice of Dr. Lauren Kelly, who works with their medical unit, she explained that the message here was to "highlight that cereal has poor nutritional value and people are eating it all of the time.

"Not that pizza is the best choice either, but people usually consider pizza a cheat food, the opposite of a healthy choice."

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