Pet Parents Are Amazed at How Well This Anti-Itch Conditioner Works on Their Dogs & Cats

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Pet parents love their fur babies just like human babies, and nothing makes a mom or dad feel worse than when their child is suffering. One of the most common issues for dogs and cats is skin irritation, and it can truly make them miserable. Whether caused by dry and cold weather, bacteria, fungus, or fleas and other little critters, itchy and inflamed skin can make pets scratch aggressively, lose fur, and give you those sad eyes that just make your heart break into pieces. So what to do when your dog or cat is basically begging you in their animal language to help them make this dry, irritated skin go away? We found a great over-the-counter option at Chewy for an amazing leave-on conditioner that pet parents say cured their dogs’ skin issues. And this product is veterinary-strength but won’t come with that pricey veterinarian bill!

Using the healing power of enzymes, which are naturally occurring proteins, the Zymox Veterinary Strength Enzymatic Dog & Cat Leave-on Conditioner is highly effective against minor skin inflammation due to bacterial and fungal microbes, as well as itchy, inflamed skin from allergies, psoriasis, and minor topical infections. It works by destroying the offending organisms and creating a protective barrier, using the increased potency of the antimicrobial LP3 Enzyme System The addition of vitamin D3 helps to relieve surface irritations and hydrate the skin.

Zymox Leave-on Conditioner for Dogs and Cats

Condition away your pet’s skin troubles by applying it full strength to the most problematic areas and left on to dry, and you can use at after a bath and lightly rinse for residual effectiveness without a greasy residue. With no harsh ingredients, it’s gentle enough for even puppies and kittens, with a pleasing, mild fragrance.

With more than 50 reviews on, Zymox Leave-on Conditioner has an overall five-star rating. Happy customers include this dog mom, who said, “Our Vizsla would get tiny spots of missing hair on his back near his tail and our vet said this would be good to try. We also added using the Zymox Veterinary Strength Enzymatic Dog & Cat Shampoo. It helps a lot and now we rarely have flare ups.”

Another happy pet parent raved about how this “incredible product” helped her cat: “This has worked wonders for my cat Brownie. I took him to the vet and spent a huge amount of money on a cortisone shot and their medicated mousse. It did absolutely nothing. I purchased this product from Chewy and his skin and bumps have cleared up completely. I couldn’t be more pleased!”

One dog lover noted Zymox is among his go-to pet care products: “I have been using Zymox for years,” he wrote in his review. “It has helped with my dogs that have had skin allergies. I love the scent and it makes my dogs fur so soft.”

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Aw! We love cuddling with our pets, especially when they have super soft, nice-smelling fur. Sounds like Zymox is a win for relieving our dogs’ and cats’ skin irritations and for fur-baby snuggle-time, too!

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