Pebbles the dog couldnt be happier as shes crowned oldest pooch in the world

Pebbles the pooch 'is busy celebrating after being crowned the oldest living dog in the world.

The Fox Terrier, who is 22 years and 59 days old, or 154 years old in dog years, was recently given the accolade by Guinness World Records.

The 1.8 kilogram dog, who lives in South Carolina, was born on 28 March 2000.

Pebbles' owners Bobby and Julie Gregory say the pooch is in good health, despite her old age.

The couple shared a photo of Pebbles with her verification certificate on Instagram, as they said the dog was "overjoyed" at gaining the title.

Addressing her 6,680 fans, they wrote: "Pebbles is officially the oldest living dog!

"Thank you Guinness World Records for this tremendous honour and the beautiful plaque you sent us! Pebbles couldn’t be happier!!"

Fans were loving the news, as one exclaimed: "Long live Pebbles!"

Another added: "Love you Pebbles!!"

While a third told her: "Congrats!"

A fourth also asked: "What is the secret?", as Pebbles' owners replied: "Love."

Pebbles' Instagram account followers her daily life, with the pooch often seen dressed in bright clothing, hats and accessorises.

Bobby was reportedly the first one to be bowled over by Pebbles when the family first met her and Julie said: "It was instant love the second the two met."

Pebbles entry into the record books came after she stole the top spot from Chihuahua TobyKeith.

His world record-breaking age was confirmed on March 16, when he was 21 years and 66 days old.

Julie said that when she saw his story in the news, she applied for Pebbles to be entered in the Guinness World Records too.

According to Julie, Pebbles leads a simple and modest life, with her sleeping until the afternoon and staying up all night.

The owner also said she loves listening to country music while she is sleeping.

The dog also likes her meals, with her eating a cat-food diet, which she was put on in 2012 by her vet.

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