Patrick Mahomes Net Worth: Could The Chief's Superstar Become The Highest Paid Player In NFL History?

Patrick Mahomes enjoyed a breakout year for the Kansas City Chiefs last season and has his eyes set on a major contract. After spending the past two seasons on his rookie deal, Mahomes is eligible to sign a new contract after the upcoming season. If he continues at his current pace – which won him an MVP award last season – then some experts believe he could become the highest paid quarterback in the history of the game.

How much is Patrick Mahomes worth?

Despite being one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, Mahomes earns less money than the vast majority of players at his position. In fact, Mahomes does not even crack the top five earners on the Chiefs, let alone the rest of the league.

According to Express,Mahomes earns $4.4 million per season and has a net worth of close to $9million. This makes Mahomes the 934th highest paid player in the NFL.

For a comparison, Mahomes’ former teammate, Justin Houston,makes over $20 million a year. Mahomes’ earnings, of course, are going tosignificantly change after the 2019 season. After leading the Chiefs to the AFCChampionship round and winning the NFL MVP, Mahomes is expected to sign alucrative extension in the near future. The only question is whether his newcontract will make him the highest paid player in the history of the NFL.

Will Patrick Mahomes be the highest paid NFL player nextyear?

Matt Ryan currently holds the record for the highest paidplayer in the NFL, at least in terms of an overall contract. The AtlantaFalcons quarterback signed a deal for $150 million last May, which will be paidout over the course of five years.

Aaron Rodgers, meanwhile, pulls down the most money per season at $33.5 million annually. Rodgers’ overall contract, however, is worth $134 million. Experts are predicting that Mahomes will be offered a contract upwards of $200 million, which would make him the highest paid NFL player ever, both in terms of overall contract and yearly salary. If Mahomes signs a five-year deal, for example, he would make around $40 million a year.

While Mahomes is set to score big next offseason, we stilldo not know when he might sign a new deal. He is eligible for an extension nextyear, but the Chiefs could opt to retain his services until his contract is upin 2021. That is unlikely given how Mahomes has performed. Based on hisachievements, most experts agree that the Chiefs will offer him a huge dealthat tests the limits of the salary cap.

Can the Chiefs afford Patrick Mahomes?

Although the Chiefs will do everything in their power tokeep Mahomes, they will likely have to cut some of their talent to make ithappen. In fact, the Chiefs have several players that earn substantially morethan Mahomes’ base salary of $650,000.

This includes Sammy Watkins, Eric Fisher, Travis Kelce, and Anthony Hitches, just to name a few. The organization is also expected to offer Tyreek Hill, one of the best wide receivers in the game, a large contract this year. But fitting in a deal with Hill and a $200 million contract with Mahomes next season will be tricky. If they do not offer Hill enough, it is possible that he goes to another team.

Patrick Mahomes celebrates MVP season

Given his performance last season, Mahomes has enjoyedplenty of accolades this offseason. Earlier this month, Mahomes was awarded theKansas City Marriott Downtown Sportsman of the Year trophy.

In his acceptance speech, Mahomes thanked the people ofKansas City for their support the past two seasons and said that he hopes toremain a Chief for a long time. He is also looking forward to the NFL draftcoming to the city, a move he thinks will benefit everyone who calls KansasCity their home.

Patrick Mahomes has not commented on the speculationsurrounding his new contract. He is currently gearing up for the 2019 season ofthe NFL and is likely focusing on what all Chiefs fans want next season: a tripto the Super Bowl.

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