Pantone unveils a 'pee colour scale' to help you figure out if you're dehydrated

We all know to drink several glasses of water a day, yet even with that knowledge, plenty of us still don’t drink enough.

To bring attention to this, Pantone have created a colour scale with Highland Spring, which indicates different shades of urine and how they reveal whether a person is dehydrated.

The colours range from the lightest, ‘Spring In Your Step’, to the darkest to ‘Dry Spell’.

The between yellow shades are aptly named ‘Feeling Good’, ‘Glass Half Full’ and ‘You’re At Amber’.

Though it needs to be taken a level of discretion (and you should see a doctor if you’re concerned), the yellow colour chart is designed to help people better recognise what’s a healthy urine colour to aim for.

Laurie Pressman, vice-president of the Pantone Color Institute, said ‘illustrating the relationship between urine colour and hydration levels highlights how the visual language of colour can be used as an indicator to provide quick and natural insights as to whether we are keeping ourselves healthfully hydrated.’

A study on 2,000 adults conducted by OnePoll found that 40% are confused about how much water they need to drink.

Despite most of those surveyed believing they should drink seven glasses a day, typically they manage just five while 23% only drink one or two.

63% put their dehydration down to forgetting to drink water and 42% say they get distracted by their day-to-day routine.

One in 10 don’t even have a drink when they exercise and 14% skip out on a drink with a meal.

Nutritionist Lily Soutter says: ‘Drinking enough fluids and staying hydrated throughout the day is important for energy, concentration, mood, and even exercise performance.’

It seems hot weather has an impact on how thirsty we feel, as 33% say they drink more in sunny climes.

Other times people notice they drink more water is when they cut out other drinks like coffee and if they set reminders.

As the weather gets hotter, it gets easier to become dehydrated. If you know if you fall into the ‘Glass Half Full’ camp onwards regularly, it’s time to make more of an effort with your fluids.

Nutritionist Lily Soutter’s tips to make drinking water easier:

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