New Moon in Leo: How will August’s New Moon affect your horoscope?

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New Moons are a time when it is invisible in the heavens and this event takes place at least once every month. Some astrologers believe this particular cosmic combination creates an opportunity for introspection.

And tonight’s New Moon is all the more powerful for two reasons.

“A fire sign ruled by the Sun, Leo is all about basking in the glory of being ourselves and our personal uniqueness astrologer Narayana Montúfar

First and most importantly, Earth’s natural satellite is residing in the fun and energetic star sign Leo.

In addition, tonight is the second time a New Moon has arrived in 30 days.

The most recent New Moon landed in Cancer on July 20.

As a result, the energy arriving tonight is expected to be all the more intense.

Narayana Montúfar, the senior astrologer for, said: “A fire sign ruled by the Sun, Leo is all about basking in the glory of being ourselves and our personal uniqueness.

“And after experiencing the past few intense new moons, this one certainly feels like a breath of fresh air.”

This is interpreted as meaning the Leo New Moon provides a rare opportunity to reflect on self-love.

Astrologer Lisa Stardust agrees and adds you should take advantage of the Leo New Moon to focus on your dreams.

She said: ”The night before, there’s a magical Black Moon, which is the most powerful time for self-love rituals.”

To make matters all the more remarkable, the Sun also kicked-of the week in Leo.

Our closest star creates an energising, upbeat, and positive Trine with Mars.

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A Trine in astrology usually relates to flow, with planets in an apparently harmonious 120-degree angle of support.

As the planet of action, Martian cosmic forces mirror the potential for fun, inspiration and the ability to reassess your life clearly.

At the same time, Mercury also forms a Trine with the Red Planet.

This combination of the sun and Mercury in close proximity to one another can create an optimist atmosphere.

These are strong aspects for us to experience as we approach and move through this mid-August turning point.

Leo season is widely recognised as strengthening people’s desire to love each other more totally.

And today’s horoscope may also ask you to boldly lead yourselves to what you really want to achieve this Tuesday and the rest of the week.

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