Nest Cam Catches Dog Turning on Stove, Destroying Home in Fire

His spark was worse than his bite.

A Missouri family who returned to find their home gutted by fire have uncovered the culprit.

Several units from Kansas City Fire Department and Southern Platte Fire Protection District were summoned on Thursday morning to battle the blaze at the Parkville home, and managed to rescue the only occupants: the family’s two pet dogs.

But after reviewing security camera footage from inside what was left of the house, they discovered to their shock who was responsible:

The Nest cam showed one of the dogs standing on his hind legs at the kitchen stove, and turning one of the burners on, before nonchalantly wandering off.

Within minutes, the grease from the food that had been previously cooked burst into flames, which quickly spread throughout. the ground floor of the house.

Pictures of the aftermath show the kitchen and living room completely decimated — including the charcoaled frying pan — amid tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage:

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“From the time he did that to the time until you could actually see the grease explode in the video and the fire start ranging at that point was around eight minutes,” SPFPD Captain Chris Alvarado told Fox4.

Neither dog was injured in the blaze.

SPFPD Division Chief Chris Denney warned homeowners to be vigilant of new appliances with touch controls — and urged people to use the built in safety system.

“New appliances are being seen with touch controls that activate by the simple touch of a finger,” he said. “An animal’s paw can also activate these types of controls.”

“Please use built in safety’s if available on appliances when not in use and accessible by children and/or animals.”

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