My granddaughter's boyfriend is a bad influence and I want him gone

DEAR DEIDRE: MY granddaughter’s boyfriend is a bad influence, and I’m genuinely worried about her safety.

At the start, we tried to be nice and welcoming, but he’s given us countless reasons not to trust him.

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He’s turned up to family lunches high on weed and regularly gets into fights.

They’ve been together two years after meeting at college, and she won’t have a bad word said about him.

He’s 21, she’s 19. I’m 73.

Last month, for her birthday, my granddaughter was given £500 to put towards driving ­lessons.

But when it came to paying for the first few, she said she couldn’t afford it.

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Her boyfriend had forced her to lend him the money to pay off his drug dealer – and buy him a stab vest.

This is not the sort of bloke I want her hanging out with. How do I get her to see sense?

DEIDRE SAYS: It is understandable that you don’t want this boy hanging around with your granddaughter.

But you don’t want to alienate her when trying to get this point across.

When you have the conversation, make it clear that you are worried about her safety, and that you’re not against him – this will stop her, hopefully, closing off completely.

Also, get in touch with, (0808 800 2222), who offer support for parents and grandparents worried about their children.

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