Mum’s terror after daughter, 5, suffers stroke while at play centre with sister

A five-year-old girl is battling to recover after suffering a stroke while playing with her sister at a Wacky Warehouse.

Freya Watson was at the play area when she started convulsing and screaming in pain after suffering a bleed on the brain.

Mum Sarah said she had only been at the activity centre in Kingswood, Hull, for a couple of minutes when the terrifying ordeal occurred.

The 36-year-old and Freya's dad Adam, also 36, have been at their daughter's bedside in Leeds ever since, reports Hull Daily Mail .

Doctors say the stroke was caused by a burst aneurysm they believe could have been on her brain since birth.

Sarah said: “We hadn’t even been there fifteen minutes, kids fall over all the time so I wasn’t initially that concerned.

“I went over and her eyes were half open and she was screaming in pain.

“Then she started convulsing and I started to panic.”

Freya was put in the recovery position after being carried out of the play area by an unknown man.

“There was a gentlemen there who we really grateful to," Sarah continued.

"He put her in the recovery position and prevented her from choking, we want to offer him a huge huge thank you."

Freya was rushed to to Hull Royal Infirmary where she was assessed and then taken to Leeds for specialist treatment.

Sarah added: “It’s one of those things you never think is going to happen to you. I didn’t believe what was happening, not to me. It’s like something you read about."

The mum, who has two other children, Joanne, 17, and Charlie Mae, 7, said: “[Freya] had been at Wacky Warehouse earlier in the day and now we were having to sign sheets talking about whether she would live or die.

"It was a horrible situation but she’s our daughter and we’ll always fight for her.

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