Mum rids baby clothes of stubborn stains without soap or detergent in one step

Despite their diminutive size and general sweetness, babies are incredibly messy.

Newborn poo stains are some of the most stubborn you'll ever encounter. Then when they're on solids, there are all the fun and games associated with that.

You end up doing a LOT of laundry . Or having to get rid of a lot of clothes.

Happily, one new mum has come forward and shared her simple one-step tip for getting some of the harshest stains out of your baby's clothes without using powders or detergents.

Amy Kyne, from Nottingham, shared her wisdom on the  Facebook  group Cleaning hacks, tips and recommendations.

She posted an image of a white onesie smothered in tomato sauce, then an "after" image where the same onesie was one again a box-fresh white.

Amy explained her secret, saying she just hung any stained clothes outside in the sunshine and cationed the photos with: "Before and after 24 hours on the line and no stain remover needed".

However, as it turns out, she's not the only mum to be wise to this trick.

One user agreed, writing: "It genuinely works. Poo and tomato sauce stains disappear after several hours outside in strong sunshine. Don't ask how it works, it just does."

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