Mum moans about jury service as she has ‘other things to do’

A "selfish" mum complained about having to do jury service because she had "other things to do".

Carly Hull, 29, asked the judge to be replaced with a 90-year-old who has "nothing to do," according to reports today.

But the married mum-of-three was herself summoned to Luton Crown Court on Friday for the whinge.

And she could not "show cause" for being unable to spend time on a jury.

Judge Barbara Mensah blasted her "selfish attitude" and fined the woman £300.

She said it was her public service to carry out jury service.

"On the 75th anniversary of the DD landings when people gave up their lives to ensure the freedoms we have in this country of a fair trial and of innocent until proven guilty, you think you can impose a selfish attitude to jury service," the judge said.

"She said she would not have to do jury service as she had children and was not 90 years of age."

When Hull, from Stevenage, Hertfordshire, was called to serve in February, it was postponed until June 3 due to her childcare problems.

The B&Q worker deferred her service again until June 10 but said it was still not enough time to find someone to mind her children.

Now the mum is due to start her jury service on Monday.

Her husband has taken unpaid leave from a water company to look after their youngster, reports say.

Stuart Sprawson, defending, said: "He is taking unpaid leave for five days next week to look after the children.

"She accepts her defiance to court is not edifying.

"She makes a sincere apology and did not appreciate the situation."

If you do not turn up for your jury service or reply to the summons, you can be fined £1,000.

You can also claim for loss of earnings if your employer does not pay you during your jury service.

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