Mum lets daughter, 5, to bleach her hair at salon but some viewers arent happy

A mum has sparked a debate after taking her five-year-old daughter to a hair salon to get her hair bleached blonde.

"Cool" mum Demi Engemann said her daughter came home from school one day saying she wanted to have pink hair because one of her classmates had had their hair dyed purple.

She initially bought pink shampoo for temporary hair dye but the colour faded after having it on for a few days.

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The daughter then told her mum that she wanted blonde hair just like her friend so she could get pink dye later.

Demi posted a video that showed the two of them getting a hair makeover.

"I couldn't believe we were actually doing it. She skipped school to come with me to my appointment," Demi said.

"She was so excited and felt so big. All the foils in her hair – everyone was dying. She's in her hair girly era."

The hair stylist can be seen putting the chemical products on the hair and wrapped them in small aluminium foil papers.

After a short wait, the stylist washes the product off the child's hair and blow drys it.

Demi continued: "She [Maude] got so excited the minute she saw how blonde it was!

"Bret brought us Starbucks and walked right past the room because he didn't recognise Maude.

"Such a fun day with my girl."

But despite the joy of her youngster, viewers were split over the decision to bleach her hair.

Some people said the chemicals used in bleach could be harmful to a five-year-old.

"Why not consider using clip-ins? It's much safer than hair dye," one said and another wrote: "No sorry, I would never do that to my child."

A third asked: "Why?"

But others defended Demi, saying it was "not a big deal" and pointing out that the hair stylists did not "touch the roots, and literally painless".

"This is such a sweet memory for her! What a perfect day!" another praised.

Demi also stressed that she would never impose her will on her daughter.

"I would never put that on my daughter and make her feel like she needs to change anything about herself – that's not the type of person I am, that's not the type of mum I am," she explained.


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