Mum hit by £94k HMRC tax bill after husband took own life over daughter’s death

The grieving widow of a man who took his own life shortly after his daughter died has been left with a £94,000 bill from the taxman.

Angus and Katie McLaughlin's world fell apart when their two-year-old daughter Muireann was accidentally strangled by a blind cord at their home in Clackmannanshire, Scotland.

It is thought the inquisitive toddler had climbed up to the operating cord before becoming trapped in its loop, banging her head and falling unconcious.

Eleven years after Muireann's death her dad took his own life, having struggled with post-traumatic stress disorder ever since, the Daily Record reported .

The 50-year-old was discovered in the family bathroom by their 15-year-old son Cian – who had also found Muireann – on March 16.

To add to the family's misery a huge bill from HMRC has now dropped through their letter box.

Mr McLaughlin was ordered to pay the money last year by HMRC but died before settling the bill.

Now, his grieving wife Katie claims she has been told to honour the debt.

She said her husband believed he was using a legal tax payment method while working as a freelance locum radiographer.

When she told HMRC about his death Mrs McLaughlin submitted his most recent earnings as she was told to do, so tax could be calculated.

Six months after her death a claim for £94,000 was sent to Mrs McLaughlin, who looks after her four surviving children.

She said: “Angus discovered that HMRC had retrospectively deemed the tax scheme he had been advised to use as illegal.

"This triggered his post-traumatic stress disorder and he sank deeper into depression .

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