Mom dragged for using Play-Doh to demonstrate C-section surgery to son

This is no mere child’s clay.

A doctor divided the internet after celebrating her son’s birthday by demonstrating how to deliver a baby using Play-Doh.

“Cesarean #playdoughsurgery pregnant woman for my kid’s 4th birthday,” reads the tag to the viral video, which currently boasts 3.8 million views on Twitter. The graphic how-to clip was uploaded by Dr. Jessica So, known on the internet as @thebreakfasteur, who creates Play-Doh-based Youtube tutorials for her surgery-loving son.

The C-section simulation starts with So supervising her son as he uses a plastic knife to slice into a realistic Play-Doh belly. “It’s going to be wet,” he squeals before siphoning out the “amniotic fluid.” At the end, the budding obstetrician successfully extracts “the baby” — a Spiderman toy — followed by a balloon placenta while an applause effect plays in the background.

So explained on YouTube that the video was in part a tribute to the medical staff that helped deliver her son.

“Our little guy just had a birthday (the big 4!),” she said, “and we reminisced about the eventful, unexpected day he arrived and the flurry of amazing people involved with getting him here safely.”

Needless to say, many Twitter users thought the idea was ill-conceived.

“There is no way to repair this disembodied abdomen, which is part of a human woman,” griped one critic about the prenatal Play-Doh sesh. “Too much emphasis on the baby. I don’t find it cute, it’s actually a bit frightening.”

Another commented, “I consider myself a very progressive parent & embrace age appropriate learning for all topics, but this is just plain unnecessary & quite frankly a little disturbing.”

One social-media medical expert even worried that he might start slicing his friends’ tummies.

However, others thought the clip was educational.

“Holy COW this is amazing!! What a smart kid, too!!” gushed one newfound fan about the unorthodox mind-molding technique.

Another quipped,“I learnt more ab birthing a child from this video than I ever did in catholic school,” quipped another.

“I always wondered about Spider-Man’s *real* origin story!” joked another in reference to the action figure used in the vid.

This isn’t the first time So has attempted to teach her son surgery using Play-Doh. Her YouTube channel, which boasts almost 5,000 subscribers, features clay-based tutorials on everything from kidney transplants to cleft palate repair.

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