'Modern Family': The Real Reason Sarah Hyland Was Hospitalized

Most people know Sarah Hyland for her role as Haley Dunphy on the hit show, Modern Family. On the show, Hyland plays a happy and healthy young girl who lives a relatively normal life. But in reality, Hyland’s life is a lot more complicated.


Hyland has kidney dysplasia, which means her kidneys did not fully develop when she was in the womb. This condition often causes cysts to form and reduces the functionality of the kidneys.

Hyland’s health journey

Hyland has had around 16 surgeries to rectify the issue with her kidneys, including two kidney transplants. She also has endometriosis, which she had to have laparoscopic surgery for.

In 2012, Hyland’s father gave her his kidney to save her life, but in 2016, she began to reject the kidney.

“When you have an organ transplant, it’s basically a foreign thing in your body,” she told Self of the organ transplant process. “Your immune system will want to attack it and be like, ‘What is this? This is not supposed to be here.’”

Because her body was fighting the kidney, she became fatigued and had a number of infections. The level of creatinine, the waste in the body that kidneys remove, in her body was also elevated during this time.


“We did all of these tests and all of these treatments to try and save the kidney,” Hyland said. “Christmas break, New Year’s, Thanksgiving, my birthday, all of that spent in the hospital.”

But none of that worked, so the doctors removed the organ in 2017. Luckily, Hyland’s brother, Ian, was able to donate his kidney.

“When Sarah first told me that she would need a second transplant, the initial wave of fear was washed over by a sense of resolution,” Ian told the outlet. “I only cared about Sarah knowing that I had her back and that she was going to be OK.”

Why was Hyland recently hospitalized?

Hyland was taken to the hospital on June 21 and fans were immediately concerned for her well being. But Monday, the actress finally took to Instagram to explain what had been going on.


“Long story short, I went in because I was feeling like I was being choked from whatever’s in the house,” she said on her Instagram story.

“And then I was like, maybe it’s just a coincidence, maybe there’s something actually medically wrong with me. So I went to the ER after a very long day of work with lots of makeup on, and I just got home, from Friday night.”

Unfortunately, the doctors were not able to find a reason for the breathing issues that she was having.

“They ran multiple tests, multiple times, and there’s nothing physically wrong with me,” she continued. “So. Wonder why I was there…”

Though Hyland has not had the easiest time when it comes to her health, she has been able to lean on her family and boyfriend, former Bachelorette contestant, Wells Adams for support.

Hyland and Adams have been dating since last year and he has been supportive of her every step of the way.

“He was texting me in the morning before I went into surgery, and we were FaceTiming the entire time I was in the hospital,” she said of her second kidney transplant. “He’s seen me at my worst. He was there through all of that. I think that’s why I feel the most beautiful in his eyes, because he still finds me beautiful after seeing all that.”

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