Meghans gesture showed how she really felt about wedding – claims

Meghan Markle shares wedding dress tribute in 2018

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Body language expert Jesus Enrique Rosas analysed Meghan Markle’s body language when talking about her wedding dress and revealed how she really felt about it. The Duchess of Sussex was interviewed for the ITV documentary the Queen of the World, which honoured the life of Queen Elizabeth II, and the body language guru studied Meghan’s non-verbal communication on his Youtube channel, The Body Language Guy.

A few weeks after her wedding, Meghan was interviewed and asked questions about her fabulous dress as part of the TV documentary.

The wedding gown, which took 500 hours to make, was a Givenchy dress designed by Clare Waight Keller.

Body language expert Jesus Enrique commented that it is “interesting to see all the facial clues that reveal her true feelings about that wedding dress and subsequently her new role”.

The expert analysed Meghan’s reaction in his Youtube video “Guess how Meghan really felt about her wedding dress”.

Meghan looked happy as she entered the room for the interview, but the expert claimed that it was “not a genuine smile”.

He claimed that there was “not much interest” on her face, “her eyes had no emotion” and “the smile was a bit forced”.

“It’s something in her eyes, she is not that engaged,” the expert added, and said that “the eyes never lie”.

Jesus Enrique claimed that Meghan was “trying to display joy but she is forcing all the muscles in her face”.

“It’s an unnatural face,” the expert claimed, and added that she keeps “forcing a few fake smiles” during the whole duration of the interview.

The body language guru commented that this could be because she wasn’t too interested or perhaps she was tired after the royal wedding, and claimed that there is a moment when the “mask slips” and “something triggered that”.

The interviewer asked Meghan about the 53 flowers embroidered on her dress which represented the 53 countries of the Commonwealth.

Meghan then mentioned that she added a California poppy on her dress as an extra flower but the interviewer “didn’t react the way she wanted,” the expert claimed.

This is the moment when the “mask slips”, the expert opined, as Meghan “looks down, tenses her faces and then she looks away”.

“Instead of praising her”, the interviewer changes the subject, when Meghan probably expected her to show more interest in that.

The most “interesting” moment, according to the body language expert, is the Duchess of Sussex’s non-verbal communication and gestures when she talks about her role in the Royal Family.

Meghan said: “We understand how important this is for us, and the role that we play.”

Jesus Enrique Rosas claimed that he spotted this same gesture during the engagement interview when Harry and Meghan talked about her new role and about being a good new addition to the Royal Family.

There is a “rapid blinking,” the expert said, and “this is an emotional reaction that suggests something is going on inside them, but we don’t know what it is”.

Meghan “closes her eyes for a long time and she presses her jaw,” suggesting some tension when talking about her new role.

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