Meghan Markle issues ‘unusual warning’ to podcast listeners

Meghan Markle ‘targeted Harry’ says Bower

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Meghan Markle’s fifth Archetypes podcast episode was released earlier today and the Duchess of Sussex explored The Decoding of Crazy with special guests Deepika Padukone, Jenny Slate and Constance Wu. Before diving into the topic, the former senior working royal offered a disclaimer to listeners. spoke to body language and speech analysis expert Judi James about the message Meghan gave. 

Meghan began the episode with: “Hi there. Before we get started, I wanted to let you know that this episode gets into some sensitive conversations. 

“If you or someone, you know, is struggling or need of assistance – we have some resources in our show notes. 

“And by the way, if you find that this is too heavy for you to carry today, just tune out. 

“It’s okay. I’ll still be here next week,” she added. 

Judi listened to the intro and commented: “This is an intriguing intro from Meghan. 

“We’re very used to getting warnings before TV shows start but they are often dual-purpose, meaning they have one eye on our well-being but sometimes another on boosting viewers by provoking our curiosity. 

“Meghan sounds purely concerned for the welfare and emotional responses of her listeners and fans and her warning sounds sincere but also unusual. 

“Should we brace ourselves or just avoid listening? Presumably the specific details to help that decision are in the notes she mentions.

“Her tone sounds intend to be chatty and personal, using phrases like ‘by the way’ to create links between her points to suggest she is leading us down through our options. 

“‘It’s ok. Just tune out, I will still be here next week’ seems to take a tone of almost parental reassurance, letting her fans know that she will still be there for them and that they shouldn’t worry about missing a podcast,” she added. 

As for what else Meghan said on the podcast, she asked her three guests: “Raise your hand if you’ve ever been called crazy or hysterical, or what about nuts, insane, out of your mind, completely irrational? Okay, you get the point. 

“Now, if we were all in the same room and could see each other, I think it would be pretty easy to see just how many of us have our hands up? By the way, me too.”

She continued: “I feel pretty strongly about this word, this label, ‘crazy.’ 

“The way that it’s thrown around so casually and the damage it’s wrought on society and women, frankly everywhere.”

“From relationships to families being shattered, reputations destroyed and careers ruined. The stigma surrounding the word, it also has this silencing effect,” Meghan said emotionally. 

“This effect where women experiencing real mental health issues, they get scared. 

“They stay quiet, they internalize, and they repress for far too long.”

Fans are loving her podcast, one commented: “OMEffffGod!!! What a phenomenal Podcast today!! Thank u to her guests! #MeghanMarkle. Amazingly tender, honest, uplifting, hope inspiring!!! Bravo Princess Meghan & team! Bravo!!!” 

Another wrote: “I must say, I enjoy #MeghanMarkle’s podcast, #Archetypes It’s educational, funny, relatable and touches on some important issues and she has a great way of speaking.”

A third said: “It’s intelligent, interesting, and flows so differently to all of the other cookie cutter podcasts #ArchetypesWithMeghan #MeghanMarkle.”

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