Martin Lewis tells shoppers how to get cheap delivery with Asda & Sainsbury’s

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It comes has stores have raised prices, following the likes of Tesco. How will these price hikes for delivery work?

Martin Lewis addressed the news on his programme. He said: “At Asda, vulnerable shoppers will now have to start paying for slots.

“Sainsbury’s has completely rejigged its pricing structure – its cheapest one-hour delivery slot has quadrupled to £2.”

Asda’s delivery slots now cost between £1 to £7. Price varies according to demand.

The supermarket will also not provide recurring delivery slots from December 19 to January 2. This means shoppers will have to book a new slot for every delivery and might have to pay up to £7.

Sainsbury’s has increased the price of some deliveries.

It will also depend largely on demand, taking into account time of day, day of the week and order size.

Pricess will vary between £2 and £4.50 and orders under £40 will cost £7 for delivery.

The cheapest Sainsbury’s option is a £1 slot, but those who take advantage will have to be flexible as timings are only disclosed on the day.

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Martin published advice on the Money Saving Expert platform.

He had a number of tips to help with saving cost for delivery.

The first is doing click and collect where possible or shopping instore, but only if you are able to. Click and collect is free at Asda and free for orders over £40 at Sainsbury’s.

There are delivery passes available, which if you shop often will work out cheaper.

Sainsbury’s annual passes are available to new customers, at £60 a year of £30 for midweek deliveries only.

Sadly, though, Asda’s pass is closed to new customers.

If you must get a delivery, the cheapest times are early afternoons, late a night or weekday evenings.

Last night on his programme the Martin Lewis Money Show Martin discussed other tips to score discounts. 

One tip includes shopping online but then walking away in hopes to being offered a discount.

He said: “Abandon online shopping baskets to try and score a discount. Sign in so you are registered, add an item and walk away.

“Don’t buy it and you may well within the next few days be sent a code to entice you back.

“Some people have recorded successes in ASOS, New Look, Asda and Tesco.”

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