Man thrilled with ridiculous misspelt tattoo because artist gave him discount

A bloke who was mocked for his misspelt tattoo claims that he doesn’t mind the mistake because he got a discount on the work.

In a shocking mix up, the man went in to have a tattoo that said “remember me” on it, but thanks to the artist’s shoddy spelling skills that’s not what he left with.

Tattoo obsessives were left howling with laughter when a snap of the terrible inking was uploaded to the Facebook group “That’s it, I’m ink shaming. (Actually Bad Tattoos)".

The man’s tattoo shows a dolphin which is crying and followed by bubbles, but instead of saying “remember me” it actually states, “rembeber me”.

And, it turns out the bloke who got the ink doesn’t even care, reports the Sun.

He said: “Finally got myself a crying dolphin tattoo! I know, it’s ‘misspelled’ but it’s only one letter so it’s not a big deal… AND I got a discount.”

Group members couldn’t understand why he was OK with the body art mix up and found the spelling hilarious.

One person said: “This person is somehow both in the denial stage and the bargaining stage of grief at the same time.”

While another joked: “I literally want that tattoo for giggles.”

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And, a third added: “Guys, it’s ok, he got a discount.”

“It’s so bad, I love it,” laughed a fourth while another person commented: “How can the person that tattooed them be so ok with that that they still charged them something, that’s not just a minor mistake.”

While another noted: “I’d want a discount too… like ALL my money back to put towards a cover up.”

And, yet more said they’d be “p*ssed off” if it happened to them.

What would you do if you got this tattoo? Tell us in the comments…

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