Man ‘hiding from police in attic’ dangles mid-air as he falls through ceiling

A man was arrested after he was caught dangling from an attic while allegedly attempting to hide from police.

Matty Walsh, 24, who filmed the incident, was at a party with some friends when he heard a banging at the door and someone shout "police" – at which point one of the group vanished from the property in Rochdale, Manchester,

He said police came in to search for an alleged suspect who was involved in a domestic assault.

As the officers checked the group's identification in the living room, a loud creak could be heard coming from the roof.

The ceiling then suddenly broke and exposed a hole where a pair of legs were left dangling through the wooden plates.

Matty, who works as a builder, said: "The next thing a foot comes in and the plaster comes down and almost hits the copper on the head.

"There was no way out and he came down when they went to get him, there was no way out so he just gave up.

"We were all having a laugh about it, I don't know what the coppers thought of it."

He added that he had no idea who the man was, how he got up there, or where he went when the police knocked on the door.

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police confirmed that a man had been arrested at the party following an earlier domestic assault.

They said: "Shortly after 2:00am on Saturday, June 1, officers responded to reports of a domestic assault in Rochdale.

"A male was detained at a nearby house in Ennerdale Road and arrested on suspicion of assault and breaching a restraining order."

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