Low sex drive? Sexpert reveals easy ways to boost libido

Struggling with low libido?

There are various reasons why your sex drive could be suffering.

Chantelle Otten, a certified psycho-sexologist, says obsessing over arousal is a major mood kill.

Putting pressure on yourself to get turned on can actually have the opposite effect.

Chantelle, director of the Australian Institute of Sexology and Sexual Medicine, recently gave MamaMia readers her words of wisdom.

She urged couples to make time to get intimate, instead of just rushing into the act.

Approaching sexual encounters in a calm and care-free manner is also advisable.

This allows couples to focus on what feels good, rather than fretting about reaching an end goal.

Chantelle said: “In a way, take the ‘act’ of sex off the table and focus on inhibition.

“Start by learning how to make time for pleasure.

“Focus on giving your partner a back rub, or ask them to softly scratch up your neck.

“Stop thinking about having to be turned on or the actual act itself and just having time to tap into your senses.

“Sometimes touch, heat, smell and sound could lead to arousal, which, if you give yourself permission to have space and time to be aroused, can lead to desire.

“Let go of inhibitions.”

The majority of people will see their sex drives fluctuate during their lives.

Research has shown that half of the female population suffer from intimate issues at some point, from loss of arousal to difficulty orgasming.

Men also fall victim to similar problems as a fifth battle with low libido.

If you are concerned about your sex drive, visit your local GP for advice.

Alternatively, you can read more about the problem on the NHS website.

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