Lost Subscribers, Lost Income: The Price Of The James Charles Scandals

If you thought the beauty community couldn’t possibly get into more drama, think again. This time, one of the most popular YouTuber and beauty guru is facing some of the most serious accusations ever made within the make-up world. They’ve cost him money, subscribers, and possible endorsements.

A History Of Backlash

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James Charles, who is about to turn 22 next month, has been – once again – accused of inappropriate behavior. Although the American influencer uploaded an apologetic video, where he “held himself accountable” for his actions, some people believe it is too little too late.

His first backlash was received in 2017, following a series of racially insensitive tweets about the African continent and the Ebola virus. The Social Media Influencer was quick to delete these unfortunate words and issued an apology.

Racism has long-been a problem within the beauty community, such as with the make-up artist and cosmetic brand owner Jeffree Star, who has continuously received critics for his controversial social media rants and more.

However, the accusations of misconduct against James Charles seems to have demonstrated just how problematic this already controversial community, really is.

Charles’ first negative repercussions came after commenting an inappropriate joke on Shawn Mendes’s Instagram Live. Even though the entire incident was cleared up – with Shawn Mendes and James Charles ironing things out on DM, followed by Charles sharing one of Mendes’ message displaying both young men on positive terms – Charles had another storm coming, one which would become his biggest scandal of his career.

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Coachella And More Scandals

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Back in April 2019, James Charles partook in both weekends of the popular Californian music festival, Coachella. During the first weekend, Gage Gomez a male model aged 21 at the time, was spotted with the beauty guru on a series of social media posts.

After some speculations online regarding his relationship to Gomez, Charles tweeted:  “nope unfortunately i am still very single. this boy played me for months on end and is a disgusting con artist.”

Gomez lashed back at Charles in a video where he revealed that the the influencer had been in contact with him for the past year. The model also accused James Charles of manipulation.

A little shortly after this scandal, Tati Westbrook, a business woman, make-up artist and YouTuber, made the infamous video “Bye Sister”, where she – among other distressing things – revealed that James Charles had pressured straight young men into encounters with him.

The Internet personality also disclosed Charles misconducted towards a waiter from Seattle, to whom he has allegedly preyed on. This was followed by Jeffree Star’s Tweets accusing Charles further. The waiter, has since admitted to using the rumor to his advantage, and has admitted that these allegations where made up.

Nonetheless, this cost James Charles to lose four million subscribers in one day, and although both Tati and Jeffree took their accusations back, Charles’ trouble did not end there.

Before the exposé video, Charles had a net worth of $12 million, with an estimated monthly earning believed to range from $29,000 to over $470,000. Also, at the time, he was charging fans $500 for a premium access pass to his Sisters Tour. Based on those numbers, it became apparent that the first misstep had cost Charles tens of thousands. That’s why all that followed seemed to be an even stronger blow to his bottom line.

In April 2020, Jeffree Star revealed on a podcast that he had a phone recording of an alleged victim of the beauty guru. Star said:  “At the end of the day, I’m not gonna out a victim of James Charles. If it’s real, because I don’t know if it’s real, and I’ll go into another room and play it for you.”

A vast majority of the allegations against him where debunked, with the internet accusing Charles’ alleged victims labelled “clout chasers”. But, by the end, the damage had been done. Charles had lost followers and potential income.

More Alleged Victims

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A month later, James Charles was accused by a 16-year-old boy of being groomed – once again – through Snapchat. The make-up artist has openly denied the allegations. Only, the boy in question has said to have his age appearing on his Instagram bio, as well as filing a police report against Charles. What followed were a string of other accusations, all similar in nature, that James Charles still found himself defending.

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Another YouTube Apology Video

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Ultimately, the YouTube star was left with no choice but to address, once again, in another apology video, the allegations he was being accused of. Therefore, on April 1, 2021, Charles uploaded the video “Holding Myself Accountable”.

Although he said that he believed all the people he spoke to to be above-legal age, he still took the onus upon himself. James Charles said: “these conversations should’ve never happened, and I take full responsibility for that.”

He also acknowledged that, regardless of age, he did understand the existing power dynamic between fans and a celebrity, and that this could “make somebody do or say something they normally wouldn’t, even if that celebrity isn’t intentionally weaponizing their fame, money, or power.”

Following Charles’ video, opinions regarding the YouTube Star online have been strongly divided, however, brands have continued to stand by him publicly. Nevertheless, his collaboration with the cosmetic company Morphe has been suspended, and James Charles has lost his position as a host for the second season of the YouTube series Instant Influencer.

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