Liven Up Your Space With Items From These Black-Owned Home Brands

News flash: When it comes to supporting Black-owned businesses, we’ve all just begun scratching the surface. Perhaps you started using a Black-founded food product while cooking or started reading some books that can help you become a better ally (keep on going!), but there’s even more to explore that you might not have thought of yet. One of those areas that’s so integral to our daily lives is home decor. We’re way overdue in diversifying where we shop for home goods, and to say you’re missing out on seriously covetable items that also tell a story is an understatement. Where we sleep, eat, and spend time with family is one of the most intimate and unique spaces of our lives, and what we choose to decorate with should reflect that.

A can of paint, a candle, or a throw pillow is so much more than just a material good. When you support a Black-owned business that makes those items, you’re directly putting money into that creator’s wallet and telling them they matter. While the item you buy is certainly going to up your interior design game, what’s more important is that you’re telling the world that their creativity is essential and makes a difference in the world. There are a lot of places to shop for home goods, but the bespoke items from these Black-owned home brands offer a special something that run-of-the-mill items can’t. It’s time we all put our money where our mouth is and support Black creators in all spaces, every day. You’ll definitely wish you discovered these brands sooner.


Interior designer Justina Blakeney started Jungalow as a home blog in 2009 but has since expanded into creating home goods that “bring good vibes home.” You can find her boho-chic furniture, decor, and more accessories at Anthropologie, Bed Bath & Beyond, and she even has a collab with Keds.


Nicole Gibbons started Clare to take the hassle out of painting by delivering it straight to your door. The brand offers designer-curated colors, mess-free paint swatches, and paint that’s non-toxic. They even have a feature called Clare Color Genius, which is a quick quiz that will tell you what paint to pick based on your preferences.

Bolé Road Textiles

Inspired by the founder’s Ethiopian roots, Bolé Road offers luxe linens and accessories for every space in your home. From vibrant leather coasters to woven wall hangings, these pieces will add some instant character to your space.

Tactile Matter

Your blank walls are calling for these vibrant prints.

Satya + Sage

Fill your home with cozy scents with one of Satya + Sage’s delightful candles. They also offer oils and palo santo to complete your at-home meditation arsenal.

xN Studio

xN Studio marries the style of the founder’s Ugandan and American background with practical, yet unexpected pieces rooted with meaning. Think mud cloth pillow covers, industrial-chic benches, and yes, African print face masks.

Aishea Home/Etsy

Etsy’s filled with treasures, and Black-owned home brands is certainly one of them. Based in Spain, this textile brand serves up one-of-a-kind Bogolan mud cloth blankets, wall hangings, and pillows that will add life to your home.

Domain by Laura Hodges Studio

Interior designer Laura Hodges runs a curated shop of affordable home goods that includes a selection of ceramic flowers, pillows, and textiles.


Goodee is a sustainable marketplace that only offers brands with ethically sourced products made for modern living. Art-loving parents will swoon over the expertly curated kids section.

Bespoke Binny

Bespoke Binny is a British-based business that uses colorful West African cloth to create eclectic items from lampshades to aprons.


This contemporary African design site is a treasure chest full of asymmetrical mirrors, gallery wall art, and statement-making side chairs that will become an instant conversation starter.


AphroChic was started by a husband-and-wife team in 2007 as a blog and has since grown into an expansive design site exploring culture, design, arts and more within the African American community. The shop section includes eye-catching home pieces ranging from cool wallpaper to stunning light fixtures that will add a special touch to your home’s design.

Pur Home

Once you’ve decorated your home, it’s time to clean it. This line of natural cleaning products is made with plant-based ingredients that will get your space sparkling clean without the harsh chemical smells.

Continue supporting the Black community by adding these books written by Black women to your reading list now.

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