Lil Nas X Teams Up With BTS’ RM For ‘Old Town Road’ Remix That No One Saw Coming – Listen

Just when you thought Lil Nas X was done making ‘Old Town Road,’ he comes in to drop another one – this time with BTS member RM. The track has appropriately been dubbed ‘Seoul Town Road.’

Lil Nas X is gonna take his horse to the Seoul town road, but he needs some help getting there! The rapper, 20, joined forces with BTS member RM to release his 17th remix of “Old Town Road.” The track, which dropped overnight, was cleverly named “Seoul Town Road,” referencing the South Korean capital of Seoul, where BTS first formed.

At just under two minutes, this remix track doesn’t fill as much time as Lil Nas X’s original version and his remix with Billy Ray Cyrus. But what this version lacks in length, it makes up for with its killer guest appearance. RM, 24, nailed his rendition of one of the main verses. Plenty of fans from within BTS’ ARMY immediately gushed about RM’s enjoyable Southern twang that he managed to inject into his English verse.

One of the things fans picked up on was the change of lyric from “I got the horses in the back” to “I got the homies in the back.” People were quick to meme the line since RM doesn’t have his drivers license, making him one of the “homies in the back.” Twitter user @ddaeng_guk wrote “namjoon what do you mean “I got the homies in the back” you ARE the homie in the back” alongside an image of him sitting in the backseat of a car.

But another fan did some sleuthing and realized RM could have been saying “Homi,” which is Korean for a tool used in farming. “I got the Homies in the back.. I think ‘Homies’ have dual meaning in here it is literally Homi (호미) Korean hand plow, a farming tool. Also means Homies like male friends who will get all your money like @BTS_twt members?” @choi_bts2 tweeted. Solid theory! Either way, it’s clear that Lil Nas really wants to break that Billboard record for longest #1 running hit. He’s only got one more week to go!

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