Lidl launches new USA food range including marshmallow cereal and a giant cookie dough pie

DISCOUNTER Lidl is launching a brand new all-American food range in stores from this Thursday June 27.

The new foods on offer include American pancakes, a cookie dough pie, marshmallow cereal and an American snack box.

There are more than ten exciting new products to try as part of the "flavour of the week" promotion.

The full range is:

  • Malt-O-Meal Marshmallow Mateys Cereal – cost £1.99
  • McEnnedy 6 American-style pancakes – cost £1.39
  • McEnnedy super size peanut flips – cost £2.29
  • McEnnedy Cruspies – cost 99p – three flavours: barbecue, hamburger and sour cream
  • McEnnedy American-style snack box – cost £2.49 – includes mozzarella sticks, chilli cheese nuggets, onion rings and chilli dip
  • Reeces 4 king size peanut butter cups – cost 99p – two flavours: classic and white chocolate
  • Rustlers  burgers – cost 99p – three flavours: Flame Grilled BBQ Rib, Big Cheese and Chicken sandwich
  • McEnnedy Potato griddles – cost 99p
  • Sweet Baby Ray's barbecue sauce – cost £2.49 – two flavours: honey and original
  • McEnnedy family-size brownie – cost £1.69 – two flavours: double chocolate and hazelnut
  • McEnnedy double chocolate cookie dough pie – cost £2.49
  • Gelatelli ice cream cones – cost £1.99 – three flavours: cookie dough, duo choco vanilla and choco brownie
  • Hershey's Chocolate Syrup – cost £2.99

The range is only available "while stocks last" which tends to be between one and two weeks.

The products are only available in store to buy.

There are 700 Lidl's throughout the UK – you can find your nearest one using the store locator here

Lidl is also launching four new Middle of Lidl collections in stores on Thursday June 27.

There will be a bedroom essentials collection with airbeds, pyjamas, fans, pillows. sheets and blinds at low prices.

On the same day, Lidl will also launch a new range of travel products including suitcases, luggage scales, universal chargers and noise cancelling headphones.

If that wasn't enough – there will be kitchen accessories including air fryers, candy floss machines, chopping boards and blenders.

As always, make sure you shop around before you buy anything to see if you can find a better deal elsewhere.

It's also worth checking to compare prices across different supermarkets.

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