Lady Gaga Signs 2 Year Deal With Dom Pérignon, ‘The Queendom’

Few stars mix their own unique brand of bizarre with an unmistakable sense of class like Lady Gaga. Since her debut in 2005, Gaga has given her monsters a glance into who she is and now, with a two year partnership alongside champagne maker Dom Pérignon, she’s taking them further down the luxury rabbithole.

Lady Gaga has been adept at taking brands and turning them on their ear, as was evident from her partnership with Oreo last year. Today, her big collaboration with the champagne brand starts with “The Queendom”. Featuring stunning artwork by photographer Nick Knight and a specialized vision dreamed up by her longtime collaborator Nicola Formichetti, the new campaign illustrates how the award winning singer mixes perfectly with Dom. It’s a look at the artistry that fans have come to expect from the icon.

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Wearing intense colors, dream-like textures, and matching herself to the swirling patters in the background, her crown and dress help to mix classical and other visual elements to blend elegance and style perfectly.

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Fans don’t have to read about the unveiling, they can see it themselves. On Tuesday, April 6th, she dropped her latest video, straight from her sixth studio album, Chromatica. The Queendom, as she calls it, was the same case with much of her work, you can’t pigeon-hole it into a specific “music video” space. Instead, she bills it as a “fashion film”, directly linked with the prestigious Dom Pérignon name and set to the track “Free Woman.”

For longtime fans who have been paying attention, the new video gives them an Easter Egg just two days after most people have found them all. She harkens back to her “Born This Way” music video days and kicks things off while holding an orb with a tiny version of herself dancing in a pink gown. She later is seen holding a giant champagne bottle and dancing alongside a group before joining them for a toast.

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The album was created with support from Gaga’s mental health organization, The Born This Way Foundation. Besides the foundation and visual callbacks, Born This Way is linked to Gaga’s latest work through Nick Knight, who was the British photographer behind the direction of Gaga’s 2011 hit music video. For fans, it all has come full circle.

“The Queendom around my collaboration with (Dom Pérignon) is an expression of the liberating power of creative freedom,” Gaga explained on Instagram.

Prior to The Queendom release, Gaga released three prior music videos from Chromatica, including “Stupid Love,” a duet with Ariana Grande entitled “Rain on Me,” and “911.”

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