Katy Perry's Fans Are Urging Her to Break Her Silence on Sexual Misconduct Claims

Two days after a music video costar accused Katy Perry of sexual misconduct, the singer still hasn't made any comment. It hasn't been complete radio silence, however, because Perry's social media accounts are chugging along like nothing happened at all. Perry's followers haven't let the inaction go unnoticed. Her fans are flooding the comments sections of her latest posts pushing her to at least acknowledge that the accusations exist.

On Monday, Josh Kloss, who starred alongside Perry in the music video for her track "Teenage Dream" stepped forward and said that she'd "pulled my Adidas sweats and underwear as far as she could to show a couple of her guy friends and the crowd around us, my penis." In his Instagram caption, he added that he felt confused and assaulted. The timing of the post coincided with the song's nine-year anniversary. In addition to his statements, he shared screencaps of exchanges with Perry's reps, which documented their control over his exposure to the media after the video's release.

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Perry's fans want answers. In her two posts, Perry promoted her shoe line and showed off her dogs, which are standard fare for her feed, but followers want her to talk about what's really making headlines: the accusations. Comments mentioned the allegations repeatedly:

"Soooooo no ones gonna talk ab the sexual abuse allegations?"

"We're gonna need you to explain the sexual assault thing."

"Is anyone gonna talk about sexual abuse allegations that's going around?"

"So you're just gonna ignore these allegations then."


Perry hasn't released an official statement, even though followers are doubling down on their efforts:

"I love katy perry..but I think she needs to respond to the allegations."

"Can you once defend yourself from all the accusations?"

"You need to respond to these very serious allegations. If the situation was reversed in terms of gender people would be up in arms."

"Are you going to respond to the allegations? because you should."


According to the Mercury News, this isn't the first time that Perry's been accused of sexual misconduct. During her time on the American Idol judging panel, it wasn't entirely uncommon for her to flirt with the show's contestants. That may have been seen as good-spirited fun, but she crossed the line when she "kissed 19-year-old contestant Benjamin Glaze without his consent." The kiss came after he said that he'd never been kissed.  

"It was a forced sexual act," a viewer tweeted to the official American Idol account. "Imagine if this was from a male judge. Has @katyperry not taken anything from the #metoo movement?"

Glaze never pursued any legal action, though he told the New York Times, "I was uncomfortable immediately." She may have seen the kiss as cute, but post-MeToo, the Times notes that it seemed more "exploitative" and "lewd."

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