Kaia Gerber Is a Music Video Star Now, Just Like Mom Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford paved the way, and Kaia Gerber is dutifully following in her tracks. 

After following mom's steps on the runway as a model, the 17-year-old just made her music video debut, 29 years after Crawford made her own debut in George Michael's "Freedom! '90" video.

Gerber stars in the new music video for John Eatherly's single, "Burnout," as a love interest opposite 22-year-old model Oli Green. The nostalgic video, set in N.Y.C., sees Gerber's character meeting a famous writer (Green), taking on the city with him, and eventually, uh, tying him to a chair and kicking it over. 

It's a bit of a departure from her supermodel mom's music video debut, which was decidedly a little more risqué. Crawford, who starred in the "Freedom! '90" music video alongside '90s supermodels Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, and Tatjana Patitz, spent much of the video oiled up in a bathtub, singing along to Michael's lyrics. 

"They oiled me up and put me in an empty tub with a smoke machine to look like steam," Crawford recalled of the experience in 2016 to Harper's Bazaar. "I had to sit on an apple crate because you couldn't see me over the edge of the tub."

"My second shot was sitting on a chair with a towel on my head, and I kept thinking my part wasn't going to be that sexy," she explained. "I watched the video recently, as I wanted to write about the whole supermodel phenomenon in my new book, Becoming, and my kids were like, 'Hey, we know that song!'"

From the catwalk to the music video cred, Gerber really is following her mother's suit. Maybe there's a Pepsi ad in her future, too?

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