Jennifer Lopez Has the Most Unexpected Outfit Formula for 2021

LOTD 12/30

While you and I have been wearing sweats day in and day out during this most uncanny valley between Christmas and New Years, Jennifer Lopez has… also been wearing sweats. But before we get smug about our stylistic overlap with J.Lo, we should probably note that Lopez has also been wearing a different Birkin each day she's stepped out in a sweatsuit. Celebs! They're just like us, but with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of bags.

Just yesterday, Lopez wore a white sweatshirt and sweatpants, a white corduroy puffer jacket, a white faux fur stole, white Alexander McQueen sneakers, and a white face mask. She also, very casually, carried a white and beige-tone croc Hermes Birkin bag that's been valued at as high as $265,000. Again, an extremely casual moment.

This wildly unlikely pairing comes following a string of outfits that, bafflingly, apply a nearly identical formula: Two days ago, just before the above outfit made its debut, Lopez was sighted in a matching Mayfair Group green sweatsuit emblazoned with the word "Empathy" in varsity lettering, a Coach shearling vest, Nike Air Jordan 1 sneakers, and a Kelly green Hermes Birkin bag valued at $26,000.

LOTD 12/30

Prior to that, Lopez emerged on December 22 in a light blue Pangaia sweatshirt and sweatpants set, Nike x sacai VaporWaffle sneakers, a Noli houndstooth mask, and a different croc Birkin bag, this one black and valued at $125,000. Before that, on December 19, Lopez wore a forest green Les Tien hoodie and matching sweatpants with a camo MasQd mask and a black leather Birkin bag (YET ANOTHER ONE) that would likely set you back $59,000. Earlier still, on December 13, Lopez wore the specific high-low combo for the first time documented in recent history, pairing a Niyama Sol maroon leggings and sweatshirt set with a MasQd crystal face mask and the very same (we can only assume) white and beige croc Birkin she wore again just hours ago.

So, to recap, in just two and a half short weeks, Jennifer Lopez has worn this outfit convention five times, including five different sweatsuits, and four completely different Birkin bags with a combined value of nearly half a million dollars. Totally (and we can't stress his enough) casual.

If Lopez's no-nonsense formula for getting dressed has inspired you to rip off the Birkin bag bandaid, well, by all means! But if you're thinking you might try this convention with a different bag, we get it. Even Lopez herself has proven that the fancy-bag-and-sweatsuit trick works with other styles, so one might even argue that the success of the ensemble lies in the power of the sweats themselves. Or perhaps in the shoes and masks she ties them together with? Whatever the case, you can shop our favorite J.Lo- (and Birkin bag-) worthy sweat sets, sneakers, and masks to get the look below.

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