Inside UKs largest strip club with glam female boss and bespoke scented walls
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  • You may be forgiven to think most strip clubs are ran by men, since it's been a male-dominated industry in the past.

    So it will probably come as a surprise to you the UK's largest strip club is, in fact, run by a woman.

    Amy Gwynn has just celebrated 13 years in business as the only female owner to run a gentleman's club.

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    And her formula is clearly working, with the Liverpool-based club thriving while many others have faltered – especially during the pandemic.

    Amy says she's created a new type of strip club where the dancers are 'put first'.

    And she now opened up to Daily Star in an exclusive chat about what goes on behind closed doors at the club.

    Talking about what clientele is usually seen at Rude, Amy says it's mostly corporate businessmen and overseas tourists.

    "Our clients tend to be older gentlemen and businessmen bringing their corporate clients out for the evening," she said.

    "We also have a significant international following at Rude, with football tourists regularly visiting to see their favourite girls."

    And what happens if any of them kick up a fuss?

    "If a guy is rude to a girl, he’s just shot himself in the foot as the word is passed around and all girls usually avoid him, leaving him feeling very silly at the bar alone," she said.

    Asked why she thinks Rude has become the biggest strip club in the UK, Amy said it's all because it's female-focused.

    "I think being female-focused has been the main contributor to this," she added.

    "I am a perfectionist; minor details such as hair, shoes and lingerie are hugely important to me. All the little things together become notable to customers.

    "The club even has its own bespoke scent installed into the walls and customers often comment on how beautiful it smells."

    She continued: "I like to stand behind the bar and experience the club through customers' eyes to ensure they have the best possible experience.

    "I also work closely with the girls on shift, ensuring they feel their best and perform to the highest standards.

    "I don’t feel this industry has been taken this seriously before now."

    When it comes to the biggest earners, Amy says instead of the hot new thing, it's the girls with the most experience who rake in the cash.

    She explained: "Generally, high earnings, as in any job, comes from experience, so that I would say, long-standing girls.

    "But some girls still surprise me and make it big from their first shift.

    "If you have high, magnetic energy, a happy attitude and confidence, people will naturally want to talk to you."

    The comments come after Amy previously spoke about wanting to turn the industry from 'seedy' to 'empowering' back in November 2021.

    She said at the time: "Many clubs are still stuck in the eighties.

    "They don't have changing rooms and the girls have to get dressed in the toilets where the customers go.

    "However, that's completely different at Rude.

    "We have somewhere where they can change, a huge stage which we do shows from and have a real sisterhood vibe."

    She added: "New girls are often nervous, but I'm very open and they know they can talk about anything with me – we're all in it together.

    "They often feel a lot more comfortable with a female boss as it takes the seedy side away from it."


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