Inside Barack & Michelle Obamas $12 Million Vineyard Mansion

After two successful terms as the President and First Lady of the United States, Barack and Michelle Obama are still actively part of the media circle with published books and real estate purchases. With a collective net worth of over $70 million, the former First Family does not hesitate to spend a few million dollars to buy sprawling properties outside of Chicago. Born in Hawaii, Barack Obama has always had a connection to the beaches, which is why the family loves spending vacations on beachfront properties. In 2019, they decided to buy a Martha Vineyard Mansion for $12 million rather than renting it for weeks like every year.

Surrounded by the blue lagoons everywhere and featuring modern amenities in a calming oasis, the home offers the seclusion and privacy that the family truly appreciates. Let’s take a tour inside the beautiful mansion purchased by Barack and Michelle Obama.

A Lush Land By The Bay

Martha’s Vineyard island is located south of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and is a prime location where families spend their summer vacations and find visitors worldwide. The island has been a vacation spot for the Obamas by spending seven out of eight holidays during their two-term administration. After Barack and Michelle Obama rented the property for a few weeks in 2019, rumors started circulating about their reported purchase, as stated by Homes And Gardens. The property was on sale in the market since 2015 when it was listed for $22.5 million. The price was dropped twice in 2019, first in June to $16.25 million and later to $14.85 million. After negotiations, the house was purchased for $12 million.

The 30-acre estate is on beachfront property, and the 6,892 sq. ft. home is located right in the middle. Boasting incredible views from every direction, the Edgartown Great Pond from the front, Slough Cove, and Turkey land Cove from the sides offers a scenic glance at the Atlantic Ocean. Wyc Grousbeck, the lead owner of the Boston Celtics, purchased the land in 1998 and built the mansion later. As mentioned by Chicago Tribune, he hired the firm Brandenburgers Taylor Lombardo Architects in 2001 to build the estate. As previously mentioned, the family put the home on sale for several years before the Obamas purchased it.

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Palatial In Every Form

The beautiful home has plenty of room for guests to relax and enjoy their downtime. The house has seven bedrooms and eight and a half bathrooms. Along with multiple stone fireplaces, the house has a detached barn, a two-car garage, and a large pool. The boathouse is between the pond and the beachfront, which offers direct access to water from every direction. The interior of the home is decorated with natural wood accents and neutral tones. The living room features vaulted ceilings that have exposed steel beams with one of the mentioned stone fireplaces. There are several entertainment spaces in the house that feature television sets and billiards tables to wind down. As noted by Business Insider, the Vineyard mansion has a modern chef’s kitchen with a great view of the pond as well as a circular formal dining room that has a wall of seven windows to offer optimum sunlight from every direction.

The Master Bedroom has high ceilings, a fireplace, sofa set, and glass doors that directly lead outdoors. The bathroom features glossy white tiles with a minimalist design. One of the rooms has a bunk-bed set-up in case multiple guests or children need to stay. The second floor features a hot tub, and there are plenty of balconies in every direction for guests to bathe in the sun. An al-fresco dining table is set up next to the swimming pool, shaded under the lush trees.

An Ideal Party Spot

Along with an ideal home for summer surrounding the beach, the mansion offers more than enough space and activities to host the perfect party. The Obamas are known to celebrate with multiple celebrities always in attendance, and they celebrated Barack Obama’s 60th birthday in style at the newly purchased Martha’s Vineyard Property. The party had 200 guests, including stars like Beyoncé, Jay-Z, John Legend, Alicia Keys, Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Steven Spielberg, and many more, as stated by Observer.

Martha’s Vineyard is an exclusive island, and not many people can afford to maintain and buy a property there. Obamas have joined the likes of Bill Gates, Larry David, and Oprah Winfrey to now own a property on the island. The Martha’s Vineyard Mansion is an excellent place to vacation, and the couple is currently residing in a luxury brick mansion in Washington D.C, since the Presidency ended in 2017.

From the Kennedys to the Clintons, every former President has lived and owned properties on the island. The island offers a getaway and the perfect location to celebrate special moments with close family and friends. As the former First Family continues to expand its real estate portfolio, it will be exciting to see where Barack and Michelle Obama buy their next property.

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