Influencer shares reality behind glam Instagram pics – and photos she’s deleted

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A young woman is sharing the reality behind Instagram photos by showing the photos she uploads compares to the ones she deletes.

Izzie Rodgers, from the UK, has built a loyal following online thanks to her honest approach to social media.

She regularly shares photos of her skin unedited, showing off her acne to her 201,000 followers.

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The influencer also regularly shares unposed photos of herself to highlight how constructed and unrealistic Instagram photos can really be.

“Be careful what bikini body you are chasing, because if you’ve seen it on someone’s Instagram page, there’s a good chance it’s not even theres [sic],” she wrote in one photo caption.

“We don’t always have to look like hourglasses 24 hours a day, that body type is beautiful – but so are others.”

Izzie is open and honest with the content that she creates, saying that photos shouldn’t be used as a tool to hide who you really are.

She said: “It’s so hard in this generation to not want to edit and alter every image we take to make it more ‘perfect’ – but it already is perfect because it’s a memory you will one day look back on and wish you could re-live (and I promise you that won’t be because you look good in it).

“I guarantee when you look back on photos when your [sic] older you will be in love with the memory and the meaning behind that photo, not your body. SO stop worrying about it and smile.”

Izzie wants to encourage people to stop trying to fit into strict beauty standards.

She recently spoke out about how women shouldn’t try and achieve body shapes that aren’t natural for them.

The influencer said: “You were not born to be an hourglass, you were born to experience the beauty of life.

“The reason we get lost in this is because more often than not the booty pictures you idolise online are usually created through body manipulation … because the reality is, hip dips are so common.

“Hourglass figures are absolutely stunning, I absolutely ADORE a scrumptiously curvaceous women [sic].

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“But the only reason you idolise it so much is because you’ve been told that’s womanly, but being a women is so much more than a shape… IT’S AN ENERGY AND WE ALL HAVE IT [sic].”

Izzie’s followers love the content she posts and are thankful for the awareness she is bringing to body image issues.

They regularly write positive and supportive comments on her posts.

“You're such a great inspiration and an Icon of what is totally be natural,” one person commented on a post.

“You are seriously my hero. A major inspiration for all humans. You are such a beautiful soul. Thank you for everything you do,” another wrote.

“Love this! So cute as always and love that you always show the reality of picture taking for this app,” someone else said.

A fourth added: “Stunning at every angle!”


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