Im UKs most tattooed woman and trolls say I took ink too far – I dont care

Britain’s most tattooed woman is used to people judging her over her appearance.

Despite having the support of her loved ones, Becky Holt receives nasty comments from strangers.

Keyboard warriors often message her to say she’s taken her inking obsession too far.

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In a recent TV interview, the 35-year-old told GB News: "My family and friends love my tattoos – they're all really proud of me and think they're amazing.

"I get quite a lot of backlash online. My followers think they're unreal but I get trolling.

"People tell me I've gone too far but it's my body. It's my life – I've made these choices.

"It doesn't bother me that you don't have tattoos, so why does it bother you that I do?"

Becky, who is from Cheshire, believes some are “intimidated” by her alternative appearance.

But she urges her critics not to judge a book by its cover.

She added: "There's more to me than my tattoos."

The mum-of-one got her first ever tattoo aged 15.

It was a naughty tribute to her boyfriend inked across her intimate area – and they broke up six months later.

She got the design covered up and was soon hooked on body art.

The model went on to plaster her skin with £35,000 worth of tattoos – including geometric designs across her chest.

Her favourite piece is a David Bowie lyric on her forehead and she also boasts colourful tatts all across her legs.

Her appearance has also been enhanced with surgery – and on her racy OnlyFans page she describes herself as a "tattooed MILF".

Becky first went under the knife aged 20 with breast implants before later getting more boob jobs and a rhinoplasty.

She’s unapologetic about her unique look – and we love it!


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