Im paid a fortune to serve coffee in lingerie – its harder than it looks

A woman who became a bikini barista after her parents kicked her out has shared some of her wildest stories from the job.

Grace, 19, from Washington, America, was a student who was struggling to pay her college tuition and everyday expenses when her best friend suggested she join her at Pink Sugar Espresso.

Here Grace is a full-time bikini and lingerie barista, in which she says there is more to her job than just looking pretty.

“The ideal bikini barista is expected to show up to work extremely presentable, with hair, makeup and attitude on,” she told the Daily Star.

“We wear either small bikinis or lingerie in a small coffee shop, where people drive through to order coffee or any other drinks we serve like teas, energy drinks and smoothies.

“There is a lot more to it than just making coffee half-naked though. Keeping a bubbly personality, positive attitude and continuing conversation with every customer is another part of the job that not everyone realises.”

Grace and her colleagues have to wear costumes, which depend on the theme of that particular day.

They have to dress according to themes like School Girl Monday, Twisted Tuesday and Pink Wednesday, for which they get to pick their outfits.

While Grace loves her job and the lifestyle it’s been able to provide her, there are some risks associated with her work.

One particularly scary story that comes to mind is when the 19-year-old had a stalker. Will he who would come to the stand every day as many regulars do, things quickly became more sinister.

“One day he took a real liking to me and started bringing me full meals every day on shift. He then asked me for my number so he could get my schedule,” she explained.

“It was just the beginning of my bikini barista job and I didn’t know the consequences of giving out my number.

“He began texting me disturbing messages that included made up stories of him doing horrible things to me. Then voicemails started, which I shared a few on my TikTok account.

“Later he dropped off baby bottles to my coworker for me, he had told her I was pregnant with his child and saying I was married to him. Police got involved after I provided proof he began following me home.”

Grace has a treasure trove of interesting stories from her job. While that’s Grace’s most worrying story, she has also had some awkward interactions with other customers.

“I began seeing my friends from high school parents at my stand, which was extremely awkward,” she revealed.

“My friend's dad began paying me hundreds of dollars to make sure I didn’t tell his daughter and family he was coming through to get coffee from me.

“He eventually stopped when he realised I wouldn’t do more but make him coffee. To this day I haven’t told anyone whose dad it was.”

The unusual stories don’t end there, as she has also had a man come in requesting that she make him the most disgusting drink possible.

“This man pulled up with a black eye, lipstick and a collar with big locks on it. He told me his mistress needed me to make him the nastiest drink ever,” Grace said.

“Shocked, of course, I asked him how nasty. He tells me to make the drink disgusting and if it’s not gross enough his mistress would punch him.

“I put hand soap, chocolate, coffee grinds, guava syrup, oat milk, mashed up banana, and a tea bag all in the cup.

“He starts drinking it in front of me and tells me how good it is. He tips me 10 dollars and drives away.”

Of course, all of her stories aren’t all this unusual, as sometimes there are really big perks of the job.

She told us that once one of her customers met up with her and her at a store and paid for all of her furniture.

Grace added: “[He asked for] nothing in return but a thank you and a smile.”

Her job as a bikini barista has allowed her to live a comfortable life, one she wasn’t living beforehand.

She revealed to us that she had approximately $100 (£75) in her entire bank account before working at Pink Sugar Espresso.

After two months of work she was able to afford an apartment and a vacation to Hawaii.

“In a small amount of time, I got my life together with no financial help outside of this one job,” Grace said.

“The highs are that the money is great, you get complimented all day, and it has opened insane opportunities for me in a short amount of time.

“The lows are that you have to be in your underwear every day even when you don’t feel sexy."

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